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Sometimes you cannot help but wonder “how can they make it for this price?”. This is what I experienced when I noted the end user price of the M8 Receiver. For less than € 30  you buy a receiver for CB/27MHz, Air Band, Marine Band and more. Incredible.
Thanks to our friends in Asia it is possible.
Of course the looks and some specs could be better and batteries (AA) are not included, but it does enable you to listen to a lot of communications for a low budget price.

2812kop 1280x288 eventbrite multi
This multi-band receiver is an ideal entry level radio for listening to Airband, Public Services, Marine Band and CB Radio Frequencies as well as TV Audio & FM Transmissions.
The Frequency Range is 54-176MHz and CB/27MHz 80 Channels.
Features include separate squelch & volume controls, earphone jack socket, 3-position waveband selector, retractable aerial, a large clear display and a LED power indicator.
This radio can be powered by either a 6VDC power supply or with 4 x AA batteries (both not included).

* CB – FM, Air, PB, Marine, WB Bands.
* High Sensitivity.
* Telescopic Antenna.
* Carrying Strap.
* Earphone Jack.
* DC Jack.
* DC 6V (UM3 x 4 Batteries) not included.

* Frequency: 54-176 MHz (with gaps)
* Range: Air 108-145 MHz
* PB 145-176 MHz
* WB 162.5 MHz
* TV1 54-87 MHz
* FM 88-108 MHz
* CB 1-80 Channels
* Antenna length: 300 mm
* Output power: 500 mW
* Loud speaker: 7,5 cm (3 inch) 4 Ohms
* Power: 4 X AA (not included)
* Dimensions: 220 X 100 X 50 mm

1 Pc of Receiver.
1 Pc of Fixed Carrying Strap.
1 Pc of User Manual English.



The regular antenna mount for mobile CB antennas in continental Europe is the N-mount, also known as the DV-Mount.
There are several version of the N-mount, like N, NE and NP.

There are several accessories/adaptors that allow operators to use whips with other connections on these mounts.


While most of Europe uses the so called DV-Mount, in the UK we see a lot of mounts similar to the American mounts with 3/8×24 thread.


A few years ago some truck brands in Europe decided to use antenna mounts with M6-Male thread based on an unknown type used only/mainly in Scandinavian countries.


Now, there is a new antenna mount version that is used by some truck brands. It is not an M6 but M7 thread.
To use M6 whips on the new M7 mounts there is an adaptor available to make your M6 antenna fit on the M7 mount.
This adaptor allows you to use the existing M6 whips on the new M7 mount.


The M6-Male to M7-Female Adaptor is to be used on vehicular antennas with M6-Female thread.
It is available in a chrome and a black version. They can be easily screwed and locked by using a 10 mm open key.


CT510 is the brand new Dual band UHF/VHF realized with the latest technology in the radio-communication field.Its design and robust frame with the aluminum CT510 Phot Front V2die cast chassis make of CT510 the ideal solution for the professionals who need to stay in touch with colleagues in construction sites, buildings, trade fairs, sport exhibitions, etc.
Extremely compact, to easily wear it, it is only 9,5 cm high and has a thickness of only 2,5 cm.
CT510 is equipped with an alphanumerical keypad, useful to set channels, frequencies and all the main functions.

The new flexible antenna, common to all the CT Midland range, allows to easily wear the radio on a belt.
The display shows the dual band of use or, at your choice, one of the following options:
– Channel number
– Frequency band
– Channel number and relevant frequency
– Channel name
The radio is also equipped with FM radio receiver.
It is also available, as optional accessory, the programming kit PRG-510


COLOR: black

• CT510 transceiver
• Flexible antenna
• Li-Ion battery pack 1300mAh
• Belt clip
• Desktop charger with wall adaptor
• User manual


• Dual band (VHF/UHF) displayed
• Frequency band:144-146MHz & 430-440MHz (Rx / Tx)
• Operating mode: UHF-VHF, VHF-VHF or UHF-UHF
• Output power: 2W VHF /2W UHF
• 128 channels to store
• VOX function
• 162 DCS codes and 39 CTCSS tones
• ‘VOICE’ function
• SOS emergency function
• Channel spacing selectable between 25kHz and 12,5 kHz
• The display can show at your choice: channel number, frequency, channel number + frequency or channel name
• Inverted frequency function
• Scan
• FM radio receiver
• Frequency step: 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz, 37kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz.
• Tx power selectable: high (2W)or low (500mW)
• Li-Ion battery pack 1300mAh
• Desktop charger (for battery pack only)
• Frequency offset: 0-69.950 MHz
• Shift repeater
• Busy channel lockout (BCLO) function
• TX signal strength shown in the display
• Vocal and visual indication of low battery level
• Roger Beep tone at the beginning/end transmission
• TOT (Time out timer) function
• Keypad lock
• Scan of frequencies with CTCSS/DCS
• Channel and function reset
• 1750 tone for repeaters
• External speaker/mike jack: 1 Pin 2,5mm (like MIDLAND 777, to be confirmed)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Firearm Mounting Systems
compatible with Midland XTC Action Cameras
Midland introduces two new XTC Action Camera mounting systems for shotguns and rifles, developed and produced in Italy. Designed with the cooperation of shooting industry professionals, these action camera mounts are every bit as rugged and dependable as the Midland XTC Action Cameras.
Designed for the shooting sports enthusiasts who enjoy capturing and sharing their adventure in HD, these mounting systems fit a wide variety of rifles and shotguns. They provide a stable and fully adjustable platform for your XTC Action Camera. Whether crushing clays, flushing quail or harvesting that record whitetail.
Engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions and made with top quality materials, these XTC Action Camera mounts are able to withstand heavy recoil and provide the durability you expect from Midland.

Installation is simple and quick, thanks to the instruction paper included in the packaging, and the many camera mounting options provide a high level of versatility, guaranteeing exceptional videos.

Over/Under’ and Side by Side Shotgun mount
Whether you are crushing clays or hunting upland fowl this XTC Action Camera mounting system provides the perfect platform catch the action. Designed to be used with both Over/Under and Side by Side 12 gauge shotguns the XTC Shotgun mount means versatility.
blad 1blad 2 samen

Rifle mount
This extremely versatile mount utilizes the front sling swivel to provide a unique first person point of view to your video adventure.
Use of the rifle’s sling is not inhibited by the installation of the XTC Action Camera Rifle Mount, allowing for added shooting stability.
blad 3 en 4 samen


Every two years there is the MILIPOL exhibition in Paris, a trade show for Police and Military. This video starts with the Avera booth where we promote GearKeepers. The rest are shots of several booths at the show that give an impression of the products shown at Milipol. In Europe the NSA is big news, but this year at Milipol there are many suppliers for ‘Big Data Collection’. Ofcourse there are also the guns, flashlights and a lot of other items that link to police and military operations.
Watch the video:

Avera sold a large number of GearKeepers at Milipol 2013. The 3 person Avera crew was busy all day promoting, selling and giving information about the use of GearKeepers for police and military applications .
The photo shows the Avera crew in the Avera GearKeeper booth.



Office/delivery address:
Hazeldonk 6259
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)76 596 3820
Fax: +31 (0)76 596 3833

Office/Showroom Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 17.00H (GMT 08.00 – 16.00H)

Outside opening hours only by appointment

24/7 on internet:


Piet J Evers Photo LinksPiet Evers (1955) is the owner and managing director of Avera Distributing.

His ‘radio career’ started in 1971 when he purchased his first two-way radio from a friend. From 1972 to 1998 he was a freelance writer for many different CB magazines in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the USA.

He was also an active supporter and (board)member of many clubs and organizations that were involved in trying to legalise a CB/27MHz band in The Netherlands as well as Europe.

His company  ‘Avera’ (1979) was the European translator and publisher of the books of American author Lou Franklin. Furthermore, until 1988 the company was the publisher of the Dutch CB magazine ‘CB Radio’.

Avera is a distributor of consumer communication equipment.
Our products include:
– Transceivers for CB/27MHz, Marine Radio, PMR446 and HAM
– Receivers and Scanners
– Accessories for transceivers and receivers/scanners
– Telecom products
– DVBT products
– Action cameras
– Motor/ski communications
– Travel centre products
– Batteries
– Gear Keepers

In this blog Piet writes about Avera’s products, the market developments, trade shows and all else that could be of interest to resellers and end-users of these products.


Avera Distributing is based in The Netherlands.
We sell consumer communication equipment.
This blog we will use to communicate with people from our industry and end-users.

Most items will be written by the founder and managing-director of Avera, Mr Piet J. Evers.

Welcome to this blog and feel free to post your comments and reactions.