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Using a portable radio is ‘handy’. Using a portable radio with audio accessories like a speaker/mike, headset etc. is even more ‘handy’. Less ‘handy’ are the cables that you need to connect an audio accessory with the portable radio.

Wireless Bluetooth applications are very popular for cell phone use and on (motor)bikes or when skiing. Bluetooth for use in combination with portable radio’s like PMR446 is getting more popular now.

Midland recently introduced 6 new products in their WA (Wireless Accessories) range. Midland’s new “WA” range of Wireless Accessories can be used with any Midland wireless transceiver (fitted with a 2-pin socket). All devices come with a rechargeable lithium battery, with a USB cable for charging.

The WA range includes:

Bluetooth adapter; WA-DONGLE for 2-pin radio’s, including Kenwood. Plug the WA-Dongle into your transceiver and choose from various headsets of the WA range to suit your needs.

There are 2 types of dongles available, for radios with a:
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Standard’ wiring
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Kenwood’ wiring

Bluetooth headsets; WA21/WA31/WA29.
Each headset features a small PTT button. WA headsets can be used with all mobile phones with Bluetooth function.

Wireless PTT; WA-PTT
Combined with a WA-Dongle, it allows you to transmit hands free without having to use the PTT button on the headsets.

Link / Photo / Short Description of the available Wireless Accessories items:


WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Midland 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1199.01 = WA-DONGLE-K

WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Kenwood 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1200 = WA-PTT

BlueTooth, Wireless PTT suitable for WA-DONGLE.

CTE C1201 = WA21

BlueTooth, Ear Hook Earphone, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1202 = WA31
BlueTooth, Pneumatic Earphone with Air Tube, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1203 = WA29

BlueTooth, Behind the Neck Earphone, Boom Microphone, Spiral Wire with In-Line PTT (suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

Schematic use of possibilities of new Midland WA-series:

7With this new Midland WA-series the use of BlueTooth audio accessories is possible for many types of portable radio’s.

All items are available from stock at Avera-Distributing,
Actual pricing on our website, check the links in this Blog.


Untitled-1We like to share a BLOG from GearKeeper.

Ergonomically constructed personal tool tethers are the key to maximizing worker productivity, convenience, safety and compliance. For heavy tools up to 11,3 Kg (25 pounds), Gear Keeper’s ergonomic anchored tool tether series is unique because it has been designed with a low-force polyurethane elastic core that has a 1:3 stretch factor (i.e. 90 cm (3’) relaxed – 270 cm (9’) extended. As a result, the new Gear Keeper polyurethane elastic core tethers have the shortest retracted length combined with the longest extension length offering significantly more stretch and retraction than competitive bungee-type core tethers.

The ability of Gear Keeper’s polyurethane elastic to retract to one-third of its extended length is a compelling safety advantage. The reduced length helps to avoid entanglement issues when climbing or working in close quarters. Additionally, to protect against dangerous ‘drop shock’, the new Gear Keeper heavy-tool tethers are load tested with a built-in safety margin beyond the breaking point.

Both of Gear Keeper’s new TL1-4021 and the TL1-4025 anchored tethers, with their polyurethane elastic cores, employ a very low stretch force. This minimizes arm fatigue at full extension, while still providing the proper degree of comfortable recoil. Employees will find their work more convenient and will appreciate the significant reduction in arm-stress. The ultimate result will be higher employee compliance with your tethering program.

The model TL1-4021 (€ 46,99) specifications include 2,54 cm (1”) tether webbing and two stainless steel carabiners load rated above 500 kgs (1100 + lbs.) with gates that do not hang up from a side load. It has a retracted length of 104 cm (41”) and extended length of 300 cm (118”).

The model TL-4025 (€ 42,99) specifications also includes a 2,54 cm (1”) tether webbing but has one stainless steel carabiner and a fixed web tool attachment loop. It has a retracted length of 127 cm (50”) and and extended length of 300 cm (118”). Both models are of an adequate length to attach to buckets.

For more information about the new Gear Keeper Tethers — or any of the companyʼs other innovative tethering products, the full line of Gear Keeper’s tool and instrument tethers, lanyards and accessories call
Avera-Distributing The Netherlands +31 76 596 3820.
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1Hard case mounted on handlebar of motor bike

Over a year ago Midland introduced 9 motorbike holders for smart phone or GPS. Now Midland added 2 more versions, one for iPhone-6 and one for iPhone-6Plus.

Read what Midland has to say about these items:

“Starting from today fixing your smartphone or your GPS on the handlebar of your ‘two wheels’ won’t be a problem anymore!

Midland introduces a new complete line of water resistant holders to protect your devices – your travelling companions! – from rain, mud and dust.

Either you have a GPS or a smartphone it doesn’t matter: Midland places at your disposal 11 different models!

All these models are supplied with a water resistant holder and two different fixing systems for tubular and non-tubular handlebars included in the packaging.

The only universal fixing systems on the market!

The holders are made of sturdy material and the wide display is touch screen, to allow the use of your devices during your ridings and in any weather condition!

Untitled-5handlebar mounting kit

Their installation on the handlebar is very simple thanks to the supplied adjustable bracket that can be rotated 360°, so that the screen is always at your visual angle”.

• Water Resistant Touchscreen Holder
• Adjustable, rotating up to 360 degrees
• For all kind of Handlebars, 2 different brackets
o One for tubular
o One for non-tubular handlebars
• Shock resistant
• Touch Screen
• Recharge while Using

On the Avera website you can find these 11 types of motorbike holders:

MK-GPS35 for GPS of 8,9 cm (3.5 inch)
MK-GPS43 for GPS of 10,9 cm (4.3 inch)
MK-GPS550 for GPS of 12,7 cm (5 inch) 
MK-GPS6 for GPS 15,2 cm (6 inch) 
MK-SMARTPHONE for universal applications 

For those riding any kind of (motor)bike these holders can be a valuable protection of their GPS or smartphone.


Under the name POWERBAND, the company PALOMAR in USA sells a line of
4 types of high power replacement final amplifier sections with high performance low pass filter for 10 meter amateur transceivers.

After RFX75 and RFX150 they now introduce the RFX85 and RFX85HD.


RFX75 is an Amplifier, 75 – 100 Watt PEP Output Power, RF Final Output Stage and Low Pass Filter, Designed as a replacement and/or upgrade for most 10 meter amateur transceivers.

The RFX75 is a RF final output stage and low pass filter designed as a replacement and/or upgrade for most 10-meter amateur transceivers.
The RFX75 features the latest Power MOSFET technology and a built in S-meter detection circuit.
The output power of the RFX75 varies depending on the transceiver that it is installed on. Most installations will see 75 – 100 watts PEP output power.


a) The RFX75 replaces the transceiver’s final amplifier stage and low pass filter section.
The RFX75 is NOT a standalone amplifier. The RFX75 mounts to the back of most transceivers with little or no modification to the transceiver’s chassis.

b) Once installed, the transmitted RF signal from the output of the transceiver’s driver stage (or pre-driver stage) is sent to the RFX75 via the coaxial cable marked RF IN.

c) The driver signal is then amplified through the RFX75‘s ERF2030 (FET1) and then again through the ERF7530 (FET2).

d) The amplified signal from the ERF7530 passes through the RFX75’s efficient low pass filter.

e) A small portion of the signal is sampled through C19 and rectified through D3 and D4. This is sent to the S-meter detection circuit in the transceiver through the yellow wire.

f) The final RF output signal of the RFX75 is sent back to the radio through the RF OUT coaxial cable where it is connected with the transceiver’s antenna connector*.

g) The incoming receive signal is sampled from C14 and connected to the receive strip of the transceiver through the RFX75’s coaxial cable marked RX OUT.

* It is possible to attach the RF OUT coax directly to the antenna connector. However, it is recommended to attach it to the transceiver’s PCB because some transceivers come equipped with antenna warning systems, or other circuits, that are on ancillary boards between the recommended connection point and the antenna connector.



RFX85 and RFX85HD

There are now 2 RFX85 Choices: the Standard RFX85 and the New RFX85HD High Drive.

The RFX85 Circuit includes driver stage, final amplifer stage and low pass filter. The RFX85 is your choice for 10 meter radio repairs and upgrades that require replacing the radio’s driver and final amplification stages.

The RFX85HD circuit includes only the final amplifier stage and low pass filter which makes for a much quicker and easier installation.

The RFX85HD is your choice for 10 meter radio repairs and upgrades when all your replacing is the final transistor or no transistors.

Both RFX85 units feature the new fan-ready heatsink design and variable bias controls for better tuning on SSB radio installations.


– Maximum Output: 100 Watts PEP.
– Drive Stage: ERF2030 MOSFET (x1).
– Final Stage: ERF7530 MOSFET (x1).
– Low Pass Filter: 3 Stage.
– Spurious Emission Suppression: 45 dB.
– Supply Voltage: 13.8 VDC.
– Power Consumption: 12 Amps Max.
– Dimensions: 5.1 x 8.3 x 4.2 cm (LxWxH).
– Weight: 235 gram.


– Maximum Input: 30 Watts PEP.
– Maximum Ouput: 100 Watts PEP.
– Final Stage: ERF7530 MOSFET (x1).
– Low Pass Filter: 3 Stage.
– Spurious Emission Suppression: 45 dB.
– Supply Voltage: 13.8 VDC.
– Power Consumption: 12 Amps Max.
– Dimensions: 5.1 x 8.3 x 4.2 cm (LxWxH).
– Weight: 235 gram.

It is necessarily to have good technical knowledge to install RFX types.
In USA these amplifiers are very popular and on the internet you can find many videos and reviews.
That might help to be prepared when installing the first RFX.

Here are some links, but many more can be found:

For many radios the installation instructions have been published on the following website:


All 4 models are available at Avera Distributing