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Blue tooth communications for use on motorbike, ski or others


01World famous logo of CES

Early January is always the traditional CES in Las Vegas. Most brands are available with a booth or a suite to receive customers and display products.


Watching the short video we made from CES you will see that there is no video shot from a Uniden booth. Since several years Uniden is not present with a booth at CES. Often they do have a suite in one of the hotels. There they talk to customers and show new products. But this year Uniden USA is absent. We met a friendly Uniden sales man on the show talking to distributors, but that was all. One of the USA distributors showed some Uniden products at CES, so they were not totally absent for the public.


Each year COBRA is present with a booth to show the existing and new products. This year Cobra moved from Central hall to a smaller booth in the North hall.
Last year the shares of Cobra were purchased by an investing company.
The market is waiting for the moves they will make. Until now it seems ‘less expenses’ as there were no exiting new products introduced at CES this year.


02Cobra LX BT, 40 Channel AM, great radio but not new

The first CB shown was the CB29LXBT. This radio looks the same as the European Cobra 29LXEU. But this is the American BT version. BT stands for Bluetooth. A great radio, very popular by USA truckers, but not a new item.
The BT option makes it possible to make and receive hands free cellular calls through the CB radio.

03Cobra C75WXST, 40 CH AM, remote CB

The C75WXST is a remote CB. In Europe we supply a similar model from Cobra the Cobra 75STEU. It is a great concept, but not very popular in the truck market.

Other Cobra CB Models for USA market like C19DXIV, C18WXSTII,
C25 models, several C29 Models and HH portable models are still available but not shown at CES.


At CES Cobra showed two mobile and two portable models for marine applications. The total range is four mobiles and four portable models. The models shown are for the USA market only and not for the European market. Here we use different channels and different functions.

04Mobile Marine Transceivers

05Portable Marine Transceivers


06Cobra DSP9200BT

For DSP9200BT Cobra received a 2016 CES innovation award. Cobra tells us:

“The DSP 9200 BT is the most advanced system in its class and the company’s first digital detector, improving on detector range and performance. It embeds advanced technology for precise notifications through Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which identifies alerts from unwanted noise for greater reliability and frequency. The unit scored highly across all judging criteria, and it joins a small percentage of other products that are given this honor each year. Products are judged based upon several criteria including, but not limited to: engineering qualities, aesthetic and design qualities, intended use or function and user value, unique or novel features consumers would find attractive and how it directly compares to other products in the marketplace.

The DSP 9200 BT is the first detection system developed by the company that leverages the advanced precision and power of DSP technology, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be recognized by the most prominent awards committee in the CE industry for our constant improvements to our new and existing product lines.”


Cobra clearly choose to show products for the larger markets like dash cams, radar detectors, power inverters etc. The radar detectors are totally illegal in most European countries. In The Netherlands, where Avera-Distributing is based, a dealer will be fined Euro 500 for each radar detector the Dutch FCC finds in the warehouse. So no need to explain that there is no trade for radar detectors in European countries that have similar regulations.

07Cobra inverters for truckers

In CES Part 2 more news from this show.


Using a portable radio is ‘handy’. Using a portable radio with audio accessories like a speaker/mike, headset etc. is even more ‘handy’. Less ‘handy’ are the cables that you need to connect an audio accessory with the portable radio.

Wireless Bluetooth applications are very popular for cell phone use and on (motor)bikes or when skiing. Bluetooth for use in combination with portable radio’s like PMR446 is getting more popular now.

Midland recently introduced 6 new products in their WA (Wireless Accessories) range. Midland’s new “WA” range of Wireless Accessories can be used with any Midland wireless transceiver (fitted with a 2-pin socket). All devices come with a rechargeable lithium battery, with a USB cable for charging.

The WA range includes:

Bluetooth adapter; WA-DONGLE for 2-pin radio’s, including Kenwood. Plug the WA-Dongle into your transceiver and choose from various headsets of the WA range to suit your needs.

There are 2 types of dongles available, for radios with a:
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Standard’ wiring
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Kenwood’ wiring

Bluetooth headsets; WA21/WA31/WA29.
Each headset features a small PTT button. WA headsets can be used with all mobile phones with Bluetooth function.

Wireless PTT; WA-PTT
Combined with a WA-Dongle, it allows you to transmit hands free without having to use the PTT button on the headsets.

Link / Photo / Short Description of the available Wireless Accessories items:


WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Midland 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1199.01 = WA-DONGLE-K

WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Kenwood 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1200 = WA-PTT

BlueTooth, Wireless PTT suitable for WA-DONGLE.

CTE C1201 = WA21

BlueTooth, Ear Hook Earphone, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1202 = WA31
BlueTooth, Pneumatic Earphone with Air Tube, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1203 = WA29

BlueTooth, Behind the Neck Earphone, Boom Microphone, Spiral Wire with In-Line PTT (suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

Schematic use of possibilities of new Midland WA-series:

7With this new Midland WA-series the use of BlueTooth audio accessories is possible for many types of portable radio’s.

All items are available from stock at Avera-Distributing,
Actual pricing on our website, check the links in this Blog.


Now a days more and more electronic equipment can be charged through a USB cable/USB slot. New cars often have a USB slot or you can buy a product like MS431USB.

The photo above shows the MS431USB. It is a 4-way 12 Volt Mutli Purpose Adapter. It turns ONE cigarette lighter socket in to TWO cigarette lighter sockets plus TWO USB slots.


Most motor bikes do not have a USB slot or cigarette lighter plug. For those motor bikes Albrecht comes with the 73700.


Albrecht 73700 comes as a complete set

It is easy to install this double USB slot to the 12 VDC battery of your motor cycle.  After installation you can easily charge your smartphone, digital camera, blue tooth communication or other electronic device through the USB slot.


Detail of Albrecht 73700, it can be mounted to the steer of a motor cycle.

Installation instructions for Albrecht 73700, Dual USB Power Supply.

The 73700 is packed in a nice blister. It can be sold through a motor cycle shop but also through a communication shop selling Blue Tooth applications for motor bike riders.


Bluetooth Intercom System for every outdoor activity

1 echt

Midland introduces a new solution designed for sport lovers

BT SKI ACTION is an Intercom system conceived for every outdoor activity; it is suitable for leisure users who want to enjoy the Bluetooth communications or music while practicing their favorite sports.
BT SKI ACTION is provided with the small and practical Bluetooth device BT SKI ACTION and two different kits included in the packaging that allow to wear the BT SKI ACTION as you want, with or without the helmet.
It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer time, just wear it and go!

2 en 3 samen
With Midland BT SKI ACTION you can talk in intercom mode with another Bluetooth device up to a max distance of 200mt; besides you can answer your mobile phone using the voice activation, without any distractions or having to stop.
Besides, Midland BT SKI ACTION is fitted with a plug that enables it to be wired to an iPod/MP3 player and/or to a PMR446 transceiver allowing communications amongst various users (using the optional PMR446 cable).
This is perfect for group teaching!
Thanks to the supplied ‘Universal helmet kit’ you can wear your BT SKI ACTION with both rigid and semi-rigid ski helmets: it is provided with a practical audio kit composed of two ultra-flat high performance stereo speakers and one microphone with boom. BT SKI will be placed outside the helmet using the functional Velcro band or mounted on the bi-adhesive clamp on the rigid surface of the helmet.

4 en 5 samen
The supplied ‘Action kit’ – composed of an earphone and boom mike – is the ideal solution for all those sport activities that do not require the use of helmet or for helmets for summer sports.

6 echt

  • Bluetooth version: 2.0 stereo (Headset/Handsfree/A2DP protocol)
  • AGC system automatically controls the volume in relation to background noise
  • Voice (VOX) or manual activation of the communication
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth connection to answer calls and listen to the music
  • Manual controls to enable the main controls of the mobile phone, intercom and wire connection
  • Waterproof/snowproof
  • Intercom: max coverage up to 200mt
  • Wired audio connection to iPod/mp3 or to PMR446 transceivers (optional cable 1 and 2 pin)


Single Version code: C928.10

  • 1 BT SKI ACTION device
  • 1 “Universal helmet kit” composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 1 “Action kit” composed of mono-earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 1 AUX audio cable
  • 1 USB power supply cable

Twin version code: C928.11

  • 2 BT SKI ACTION devices
  • 2 “Universal helmet kits”; each one is composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 2 “Action kits”; each one is composed of earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 2 AUX audio cables
  • 2 USB power supply cables


  • BT Moto Audio Kit cod. C933 Stereo headset with 2 microphones ( 1 with a bracket and 1 wired) and two installation brackets (1 bi-adhesive plate and 1 clamp). This kit allows you to use your BT SKI on the bike as a BT CITY/BT EVA.
  • Kit 165 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 2 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS300U) for Midland G6, G7 series, G8, G9).
  • Kit 129 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 1 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS301) for Midland 777, Midland G5 e G5 XT.
  • EMERGENCY CHARGER code C920 portable charger for BT line.