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The first show I visited in Hong Kong was the China Sourcing Show. Read my former blog about this show. The second show I visited last month was the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. This trade show is much larger than the first one. It will take you 2 days just to walk along all the booths.

1Entrance of Hong Kong Electronics Fair


The show is larger but also quite similar to the first show. Again we saw lots of headphones, selfie sticks/mono pods, action cameras, power banks, key boards and tablets.
But this show also has many more suppliers of coax, inverters, portable radios and even some CB manufacturers.


I wrote already about the many brands that copy other brands and here we saw it again. But this time there were many more manufacturers from portable radios like PMR446, 2m/70cm VHF/UHF and HAM. The result was a lot of the same. After visiting 10 booths with portable radios I did not bother to much anymore about checking all the others. Some brands we know in Europe and some we had never heard of and are not available in the western world.

2Wouxun HAM radio with power supply

3Wouxun Portable radios

4OEM manufacturer for portable radios


Uniden is the only large manufacturer that brings CB radios on the market using their own name. They were not present with a booth, but we saw some traders offering this brand.

5Uniden PMR446

The factories that were displaying CB radios at the show are not known by CB users by name. But the brands they produce for third parties are well known in Europe. In the European market we never see a brand like Yosun, but in Asia live much more people than in Europe. There is a big market for radios in that area too. But Yosun is also producing for Albrecht and Lafayette.

6Unknown factory making well-known brands


Personally I was a little disappointed about the number of companies showing accessories. A lot of portable radios, coax, connectors, inverters but CB accessories were hard tofind.

One booth showed antennas that were copies of President, Sirio and USA type of antennas.

7Antenna models from President, Sirio and others.


It was a nice surprise to see that Midland had a booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Also in USA at CES they are always present to show the latest items they sell.

8Midland present at Hong Kong Electronics fair

Midland has a large range of action cameras. In Hong Kong two brand new CAR CAMCORDERS were showed. One regular model and one with GPS included. Great small cameras for in your car to record all that is happening in front of you. A 5 cm display shows what is recorded. Soon these two cameras will be available from Avera!
Watch for the Street Guardian and Street Guard GPS!

9Midland Street Guardian, Car Camcorder


Visiting these two shows was quite interesting. Mostly because it was my first visit to the Far East. Trade shows all over the world are quite similar. You also often meet the same people, but what else to expect in our consumer communication branch. It is a small world!

In January it is time again to visit the CES in Las Vegas. And you know: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas !”

But… I promise you all, I will write about the Consumer Electronics Show so you know what was happening there.


Avera is importing many famous USA brands like GearKeeper, Magnum, Motocom, K40, Willson, Astatic, Solarcon, RoadPro etc. To meet these companies or brands I travel to the USA a couple of times a year.

To prevent travelling too much it is often easier to visit a trade show. That enables you to meet several companies on one location.

There are three major trade shows in the world for consumer electronics. In USA is the CES, Consumer Electronics Show. In Europe it is the IFA in Berlin. And in Asia it is the Hong Kong Electronics Show.

For more than 20 years I visit the CES in Las Vegas to meet business relations from USA and around the globe.. Although Avera is also doing business with several companies in Asia for over 35 years this was my first time to visit two electronic trade show in Asia.


The first show that I visited was at the Expo Center near the Hong Kong airport, Just to walk along all the booths takes more than a full day. Surprisingly within 30 minutes we ran in to two relations from USA who frequently visit this show.

Let it be clear, there is no real trade show for consumer communications anymore. Our business is just a very small part of the general consumer electronic business. What we saw from many factories were items like mono pods/selfie sticks, power banks/USB chargers, headphones, keyboards, tablets. All kind of items that are popular by a large public, bought by many and made by many.

2headphones were available from many sources.


In the field of consumer communication there were many companies offering PMR446 or 2M/70CM portable transceivers.

In the past companies like Kenwood complained about a brand like HYT that was copying there products. Now a days HYT is grown to a ‘regular’ company and there are companies that copy HYT and their digital line called HYTERA.

You will find brands with nearly same names or nearly same logo’s that sell nearly same products.

3We know HYT but never heard before of HQT.

4 We know HYTERA but never heard before of KYDERA.


I hoped to see the few manufacturers of CB transceivers that are still around but I only found two. The only thing they showed that is not totally new on the market, but not regularly sold in Europe is a CB with a bluetooth dongle.
This enables you to communicate with a bluetooth device in stead of the regular CB mic.

5CB transceiver with Blue Tooth dongle.

6The dongle has a two pin connection,
on the front is the jack to plug in the dongle.

Another company manufacturing CB and 10 meter radios we saw was Anytone. There products are not very popular in Western Europe or USA. The quality is mostly not to be compared with Uniden/President or Midland.

7 Anytone showing some product.

So far the show at Asia Expo, next time I will write about the Hong Kong Electronics show that started October 13.