Recently Midland introduced the AB29.
Now available at Avera from stock.

AB29 Photo HQ 2014

AB29 is the brand new accessory of the Action Line, the range of products especially dedicated to softgunners.
AB29 is a headset to wear behind the neck, complete with adjustable boom mike and PTT.

This new item stands out from the standard speaker/mikes thanks to the particular behind the head arch, thin but robust at the same time, that can be worn even with helmets without causing any discomfort.

is very easy to use: just place the headset behind the neck and adjust the boom mike! Lightweight and very comfortable, AB29 has been principally designed for tactical combats and, once worn, guarantees an excellent stability, also for a long use.

As all the other accessories of the Action Line series, also AB29 distinguishes for its robustness, for the quality of materials and for the very strong and resistant cables, suitable for an extreme use.