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Piet Evers (1955) is the owner and managing director of Avera Distributing.

His ‘radio career’ started in 1971 when he purchased his first two-way radio from a friend. From 1972 to 1998 he was a freelance writer for many different CB magazines in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the USA.

He was also an active supporter and (board)member of many clubs and organizations that were involved in trying to legalise a CB/27MHz band in The Netherlands as well as Europe.

His company ‘Avera’ (1979) was the European translator and publisher of the books of American author Lou Franklin. Furthermore, until 1988 the company was the publisher of the Dutch CB magazine ‘CB Radio’.

Avera is a distributor of consumer communication equipment.
Our products include:
– Transceivers for CB/27MHz, Marine Radio, PMR446 and HAM
– Receivers and Scanners
– Accessories for transceivers and receivers/scanners
– Telecom products
– DVBT products
– Action cameras
– Motor/ski communications
– Travel centre products
– Batteries
– Gear Keepers

In this blog Piet writes about Avera’s products, the market developments, trade shows and all else that could be of interest to resellers and end-users of these products.