GLOMEX is a world famous manufacturer of marine antennas. Some years ago they entered the “MOBILE” market with DVBT antennas and also TV satellite antennas. After the S460 series, consisting of the S460S (Discovery) for stationary use and S460M (Explorer) for mobile use, Glomex now introduced the S500 series.

This summer they started selling the S500S (Discovery2). The Discovery2 is the new generation of Stationary Satellite TV Antennas, designed for watching TV in parked vehicles (stationary use). Thanks to the new, bigger parabolic dish, performance has increased.


This spring Mr. Piero Baldassarri, the owner/director of Glomex, visited his customers all over Europe to introduce and promote the new antenna.

He also visited the Avera office and was lucky as it was a rainy day. Nothing better to test a satellite dish than a rainy day! Certainly when you have the chance to compare the new S500S with the former S460S.

2With a lucky break in the rain, Piero was able to quickly install
the S500S on the roof of his car.


3The S500S is ready for testing on the car, while the S460S
is already on the roof of our office.


4It is raining: time for testing the S500S.


5Despite the rain, the S500S gives a very good signal for Channel NL2.


6A nice clear image: the S500S in operation.


7Also, a good signal on Channel NL1.

The Glomex S500S clearly gives more signal than the S460S. That is because the total surface of the dish is 55% large than that of the S460S.
The S460 series remains a strong, reliable choice. It was and still is a great model with a good performance. However, in rainy circumstances and at places where less signal is available the new S500S performs better.

I often use the following story to explain: “If you buy an antenna like the S460S to watch the news at 8 o’clock every day whilst travelling throughout Europe, it will be a great antenna. How likely is it that it will be raining every day around that time all over Europe? For those users the cheaper S460S is a great choice of antenna.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInside look at the S500S

But if you stay for a long time on a campsite in Northern Europe and want to watch TV as soon as it starts raining, you had better find another solution. When it is raining, the signal gets weaker and you are often parked under a tree, causing even more loss of signal. In these circumstances you will often be disappointed with the reception.

And that is where the S500S has a clear advantage: a larger dish surface area, new software, and as a result more signal.

So far my story about this new antenna: I was impressed by its performance and also by the enthusiasm of Piero Baldassarri when demonstrating the S500S.

Below is what the Glomex website has to say about the new S500S:


Discovery2 is the new generation of Stationary Satellite TV Antennas, for watching TV with parked vehicle.

Glomex has developed Discovery2 (S500S), the new high performance satellite TV antenna to watch TV with parked vehicle. Discovery2 has exceptional performances with every weather conditions thanks to a bigger parabolic dish (+55%)* and the innovative elliptic feed-horn to avoid spill-over (H.P.F.), coupled with a high gain and a low noise factor LNB.

Discovery2 is also designed according to the offset technology (the focus point is outside the parabolic area), so that the LNB is supported by an arm which does not cast any shadow onto the dish for the best performances.

As the other Glomex satellite TV antennas, Discovery2 is very easy to install and to use thanks to the very simple control unit. Moreover, Glomex antennas may be updated by anyone by means of the SD card reader (memory card), integrated in the control unit, by downloading the software for free from the site