Midland p/n C1170

New in the Avera stock is the Midland CT890. This is the info that Midland is supplying to the market:


CT890 is the brand new multifunction amateur radio, dual band version operating in VHF/UHF.

Realized with the latest technology, CT890 is an excellent and reliable transceiver to use in professional situations or sport events.

Its robust mechanical frame and the aluminum chassis allow you to operate even in harsh environments.

CT890 is an innovative radio in the amateur field that combines new functions such as:

Full Duplex (you can transmit and receive at the same time), Repeater function (the radio is a sort of repeater: it can transmit what has received from another band – VHF →UHF or vice‐versa).

Up to 999 memory channels.

CT890 is equipped with a wide colorful LCD display to show you all the functions activated, with a very high efficiency Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh and with FM radio receiver.

CT890 has a practical alphanumerical keypad to set channels, frequency and all the main functions.

The flexible antenna, common to all Midland CT series, allows you to easily wear the radio even on a belt.

The radio is programmable thanks to the optional programming software PRG‐10, useful to manage and set some functions such as number of channels, etc .

COMPLYING TO CE/99/05CT890 Front View

COLOR: Black

What’s in the box
• 1 CT890 transceiver
• 1 flexible antenna
• 1 belt clip
• 1 Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh
• 1 desktop charger with USB cable
• Quick guide

Main features

• VHF and UHF frequency bands displayed
• Operating modes: UHF‐VHF, UHF‐UHF, VHF‐VHF
• Output power: VHF: 5W / UHF: 4W
• Frequency: VHF: 144‐146MHz / UHF: 430‐440MHz
• Full Duplex
• Repeater function
• 999 memory channels
• Wide colorful LCD display
• Very high efficiency Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh
• 105 +105 (I/N) DCS codes
• Emergency function
• Scan + priority Scan + group Scan
• Flashlight
• High/low power selection
• TOT function (time out timer)
• Channel spacing 25 kHz/12,5 kHz
• VOX function / Roger Beep
• ‘VOICE’ function
• The display can show: channel number, frequency, channel number + frequency, or channel name
• Inverted frequency function
• Frequency steps: 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz, 37kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz.
• Frequency offset
• Shift repeater
• ‘Busy channel lockout’ function
• TX signal strength on the display
• Low battery vocal and display indication
• Keypad lock
• Scan of frequencies with CTCSS/DCS
• Channel/functions reset
• 1750 tone for repeaters
• Cloning function with optional cable cod. R73727
• External speaker/mike jack: Kenwood type

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

As optional accessory, the Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh model PB890, cod. C1172 is available.