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Q/C tethers offer “at heights” safety and versatility with complete range of motion and the ability to exchange one tool for another using same lanyard.

Personal_tether_app KLEIN

Tethering at heights is the right thing to do but climbing with multiple tethers hanging from you is not so smart. The twin dangers of entanglement and falling become significant safety issues. Gear Keeper’s exclusive line of option rich retractable tethers all come standard with patented Q/C fittings. When a tool (weighing up to 0,9Kg/2 lbs.) is unplugged from the tether, the user simply selects the next tool to use, plugs it in and returns to work. These retractable tethers are designed for maximum productivity, keeping tools close to the body when stored while still allowing complete accessibility when in use. This is particularly important when working in close quarters or climbing.

SuperBracketLine KLEIN

One of the company’s most popular tool tether series is the “Multi-Mount” clamp-on tool retractor for web belts (up to 5,7 cm/ 2.25”) for tools up to 1 Kg/36 oz. Each tether in the series comes complete with the unique 2-axis, rotating clamp-on belt clip that offers complete range of motion for any job. The 360°, 2-axis rotation is a low profile, compact mounting system that permits 360° rotation and 180° swing-away from the body.


Like other retractable tethers in the Gear Keeper line, the “Multi-Mount” series is engineered so that the tool or instrument, application and recoil/retraction force are in balance. Individual Multi-Mount tethers (models RT3-76XX) retail for Euro 34,99 and are available for tools weighing 340 gr/12 oz., 510 gr/18 oz., 680 gr/24 oz., 735 gr/26 oz. and 1 Kg/36 oz. When the lanyard is extended for use, only minimal force is necessary thereby avoiding worker fatigue or in the reverse, causing a ”kick” when the instrument is automatically guided back to its stored position.

Many customizing options are available including retractor forces from 340gr/ 12 to 1 Kg/36 ounces, mounting fixtures include split ring or fixed lanyard end type. Extension length is dependent upon the force selected and ranges from 48 cm/ 19 inches to 107 cm/42 inches. For those who require easy change out of tools using the same tether, additional Q/Cll lanyards (ACO-0912) can be purchased for Euro 3.99 each.

2de ill

The modularity of Gear Keeper tethering system offers the flexibility needed to safely and specifically match the tool, worker and application. Unlike an “off-the-shelf” tether, which can actually become a safety hazard, all Gear Keeper tethering systems insure dependable safety, convenience and quality by the company’s stringent quality control systems. All Gear Keeper tethers must pass dynamic and static testing, drop load testing with up to a 100% safety margin and cycle testing for safe productive use and long-life.

With millions of systems in use, Gear Keeper devices have a failure rate of less than .001 percent. The full line of Gear Keeper instrument tethers and accessories are available on the company’s website at gearkeeper.com.
A free, twelve-page “Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool and Instrument Tethering” containing a tethering guide and related information is available.
Send an e-mail with your name and full mail adress to info@avera.eu


The retractable tethering device keeps radio microphone in the proper position to maintain effective communications as recommended by International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Fotosearch_k1637284-300x234Poor communications is among the top five factors in line-of-duty deaths.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program, lack of effective communications is one of the leading causes of non-cardiac line of duty deaths among firefighters. The International Association of Fire Chiefs has developed a series of portable radio best practices that include a recommendation that firefighters place radio microphones in close proximity to the mouth to avoid audio distortion problems when operating in environments with high levels of background noise.

IAFC said that firefighters should “ensure that the microphone is placed one to two inches from the mouth or SCBA voice port with the microphone positioned directly in front of the audio source.” A Mic Keeper device is designed to do just that. It keeps the mic securely in the proper IAFC position to operate the microphone appropriately when in use. When released after use, the mic will automatically retract to a secure position leaving the hands free to use other critical firefighting tools.

The Mic Keeper is a rugged, retractable system designed to utilize and protect gear in severe environments with maximum break strength and durability. It was developed based on the needs and comments of firefighters complaining about the lapel mic being a nuisance, always becoming dislodged and dangling, causing firefighters to step on or drag their mics. This often happens with strap-type radio belts. Although straps are an easy way to carry the radio for non-turnout gear times and are easy to throw on for turnout conditions they might not be the safest choice.  If the strap is worn over the turnout coat to facilitate access to the radio, it becomes an entanglement issue and the radio is not protected.
If the strap is under the coat you can not reach the radio.
According to Raul A. Angulo, a 32-year veteran of the Seattle Fire Department and captain of Ladder Company 6 who teaches classes on firefighter entrapment, “Not a lot of attention is paid to how firefighters wear their portable radios or where they clip their microphones. Angulo, writing in Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine1, added “As for the mic, your lifeline to safety and survival, I have found no better accessory than the retractable tether system of the Mic  Keeper. When I need it, I reach to my left shoulder and there it is, every time. I grab it, pull it to the voice amplifier of my SCBA, transmit my message and let it go. It smoothly retracts with a 12-ounce force.

The Mic Keeper is securely attached to a turnout coat or air pack harness with the supplied a stainless steel threaded pin (stud) that penetrates Mic Tab, Radio Pocket, or Webbing Harness and threads into back of Mic Keeper. Built specifically for heavy-duty firefighter use, the retractable tether has a 400¢F, V-2 Flame Rating and is constructed with a nylon coated stainless steel cable, stainless steel spring and hardware.

The model RT2-4022 Mic Keeper Pin Mount System allows the microphone to be securely extended for talking/listening, without the Mic being dislodged / dropped or the need to re-clip after use. When necessary, the Mic Keeper’s patented Q/C mounting system quickly and easily disconnects the microphone from the Mic Keeper.

The Mic Keeper retails for € 21.99 excl. VAT.
More customizing options are available.

For complete specifications:
http://www.avera.eu/magnify.asp?item=1419 and http://www.gearkeeper.com/communication/mickeeperfire.html


01 firestik wall
Based on a large premise in Phoenix Arizona, Firestik is the largest independent manufacturer of CB mobile antennas in the world. Many other famous brands have been sold to distributors and investors, but have disappeared over the years. Brands like K40, Wilson, Francis and Astatic still exist but just as a brand and not as an independent company anymore. Other brands are small, make only a few products and are often operated from a garage or workshop at home.

02 The FIRESTIK buildingPhoto: Firestik premises is Phoenix Arizona

Firestik is a real family company. The directors are Rick Vincent and his aunt. I have been in the CB business for over 40 years, but Rick has even longer. Put two of these oldies together and stories and memories about products and persons keep coming up, certainly when there is some ‘old stuff’ in the reception of the office.

03 Rick VincentPhoto: Rick Vincent

According to the Vincents “people know that Firestik is still a family company. They appreciate that this is a steady and clear situation. Of many brands you have no idea where the production is, but we are an all American company, and many CB users want to support this situation”.

04 samen
05 samenPhoto: Old stuff

Several members of the family are active in the Firestik company. Rick Vincent II (3rd generation) gave us a tour of the factory.

06 partsPhoto: On tour with Rick Vincent II

I have visited many antenna factories in the past, so I have something to compare it with. And this factory is a really well-organised and clean operation. Some factories look ‘different’, which is even an understatement.

A 2nd pleasant surprise was that these guys are totally honest and open.
They have nothing to hide and answered all our questions.

07 LabelsPhoto: Label room

The walk through the factory was in fact a tour along the production process. This is what you get when things are well-organised. You see the stock of cartons to put the product on, cartons to put the product in, labels to put on the product and on the cartons, fiber whips, copper wire and product parts.

8 samenPhoto: Winding machines

It all comes together in the production hall where all these separate items are needed. A line of machines is set up to wind the wire on the fiber rods. I have seen people do this by hand and I have seen PLC-operated machines, but this is simple and performs very well. They have a kind of pre-winded metal bar. A copper wire runs through this and copies it on the fiber rod. It is simple and efficient: there are no electronic failures as when using a PLC or ‘gambling’ as when done by hand.

09 samenPhoto: Assembly of parts

Winding the whips is one thing, but packing these cost efficiently is another. The carton cards and the cartons to pack the antennas in take up a lot of space for machines, stock storage and finalised product storage.
You see the typical yellow color of the Firestik packing all over the factory. Yellow as the sun in Arizona can be.

10 winded rodsPhoto: Winded rods, ready for packing

11 samenPhoto: Carding, sealing, cutting.

Sometimes you find something surprising in factories as local circumstances are always different. I know that the kind of antennas that Firestik produces is covered by a crimp seal. Nothing special. But these guys stock their crimp seal in a room that is air-conditioned and has a temperature alarm on it. The supply is always in winter, never in summer.

13 crimp seal stockPhoto: Air conditioned stock of crimp seal.

 The reason is simple, in summer it gets over 40 degrees Celsius, so they cannot use a regular storage. If the air-conditioning fails they call a local transport company that brings a cooled trailer and they put all the pallets as quick as possible in that trailer until the air-conditioning is repaired again.

All sounds very logical, but I had never thought of such a problem before.

14 Antenna Test Table
For testing the produced whips Firestik has built a testing table. Again, it is simple but has great value. It is a metal table on wheels that can be rolled outside for testing whips. It also has side panels and if these are put up you get a metal surface of approx. 3 by 3 meters. I loved this idea and we are now building something similar for our own testing at Avera.


21 na 14 safety flagsPhoto: Safety Flags in many types of length and colors.

Every company is looking for new products to enter new markets and get new opportunities. Firestik is also constantly looking for new markets.

Several years ago they started the production and sales of SAFETY FLAGS. These are quite similar to antennas. It is also a fiber rod with a mounting part, but no copper wire windings and a there is a flag on the top of the rod. These flags come in many colors and lengths. In the USA you will see these rods along the roads to point out the side of the road.

When there is a lot of snow you need to know where the side of the road is !

The rods with a safety flag you will see on bikes and other moving objects that want you to know they are there.

This new line became a great success. If they manufacture 150.000 antennas a year, they now also produce nearly 50.000 safety flags.

Last winter they received a large order from New York CITY BIKE SHARE, because they needed safety flags to show where bike parking areas are.

Click the link to read more about this NY project:


A big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone at Firestik for being so open, honest and helpful and a special TNX to RV2. We enjoyed the tour and we hope many CB-ers will enjoy using FIRESTIK antennas for many more years.

15 firestik no ground wall

More photo’s made during the factory tour:

16 Warehouse

17 Firestik yello carton
18 Eye Protection
19 Rick Vincent 2
20 Paper Shredders


Bluetooth Intercom System for every outdoor activity

1 echt

Midland introduces a new solution designed for sport lovers

BT SKI ACTION is an Intercom system conceived for every outdoor activity; it is suitable for leisure users who want to enjoy the Bluetooth communications or music while practicing their favorite sports.
BT SKI ACTION is provided with the small and practical Bluetooth device BT SKI ACTION and two different kits included in the packaging that allow to wear the BT SKI ACTION as you want, with or without the helmet.
It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer time, just wear it and go!

2 en 3 samen
With Midland BT SKI ACTION you can talk in intercom mode with another Bluetooth device up to a max distance of 200mt; besides you can answer your mobile phone using the voice activation, without any distractions or having to stop.
Besides, Midland BT SKI ACTION is fitted with a plug that enables it to be wired to an iPod/MP3 player and/or to a PMR446 transceiver allowing communications amongst various users (using the optional PMR446 cable).
This is perfect for group teaching!
Thanks to the supplied ‘Universal helmet kit’ you can wear your BT SKI ACTION with both rigid and semi-rigid ski helmets: it is provided with a practical audio kit composed of two ultra-flat high performance stereo speakers and one microphone with boom. BT SKI will be placed outside the helmet using the functional Velcro band or mounted on the bi-adhesive clamp on the rigid surface of the helmet.

4 en 5 samen
The supplied ‘Action kit’ – composed of an earphone and boom mike – is the ideal solution for all those sport activities that do not require the use of helmet or for helmets for summer sports.

6 echt

  • Bluetooth version: 2.0 stereo (Headset/Handsfree/A2DP protocol)
  • AGC system automatically controls the volume in relation to background noise
  • Voice (VOX) or manual activation of the communication
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth connection to answer calls and listen to the music
  • Manual controls to enable the main controls of the mobile phone, intercom and wire connection
  • Waterproof/snowproof
  • Intercom: max coverage up to 200mt
  • Wired audio connection to iPod/mp3 or to PMR446 transceivers (optional cable 1 and 2 pin)


Single Version code: C928.10

  • 1 BT SKI ACTION device
  • 1 “Universal helmet kit” composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 1 “Action kit” composed of mono-earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 1 AUX audio cable
  • 1 USB power supply cable

Twin version code: C928.11

  • 2 BT SKI ACTION devices
  • 2 “Universal helmet kits”; each one is composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 2 “Action kits”; each one is composed of earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 2 AUX audio cables
  • 2 USB power supply cables


  • BT Moto Audio Kit cod. C933 Stereo headset with 2 microphones ( 1 with a bracket and 1 wired) and two installation brackets (1 bi-adhesive plate and 1 clamp). This kit allows you to use your BT SKI on the bike as a BT CITY/BT EVA.
  • Kit 165 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 2 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS300U) for Midland G6, G7 series, G8, G9).
  • Kit 129 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 1 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS301) for Midland 777, Midland G5 e G5 XT.
  • EMERGENCY CHARGER code C920 portable charger for BT line.


1Photo: Midland XTC-260, p/n CTE C1144

Midland widens the range of its XTC line with the addition of model XTC260, a new 720p HD Ready Action Cam.

XTC260 is a wearable camera designed for outdoor activities and perfect for capturing your everyday experiences or sport adventures; extremely light with its 88,7 gr and limited dimensions with only 8,5 cm of length, XTC260 is the smallest HD Ready action cam on the market today.

As for all Midland action cameras, also for XTC260 the ease of use is the point of strength: with a single switch that simply slides on, you turn on/off the camera and record your videos.
Essential and convenient, XTC260 guarantees top performances at low cost.
The packaging includes a Li-Ion battery pack 3,7V, 2 fixing kits to the helmet, USB cable and a submersible case 30mt that protects the action cam from water, dust and other substances that may damage it.


Photo: Submersible Case for CXTC-260

Main features:

  • One touch operation ON-OFF/REC* Image stabilizer
  • Resolution: 1280×720 pixel (30fps) / 640 x 480 pixel (60fps)
  • Field of view: 140° degree glass lens
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Battery pack: Li-Ion 3,7V 900mAh
  • Dimensions LxDxH: 85,5 x 30,3 x 42,2 mm
  • Weight: 88,7gr
  • Storage: up to 32GB micro SD card (not included)
  • Data transfer: USB 2.0
  • Recharge: USB cable or wall adaptor
  • Operating System Compatibility: Win XP, SP2, Vista & 7. Mac OSX x 10.4+
  • Video downloading from the Action camera to the PC through the USB cable
  • Data download only from the camera to the PC (it’s not possible to upload external data on the camera)

COLOR: Black and silver

What’s in the box:

  • Midland XTC-260 action camera
  • Li-Ion battery pack 3,7V 900mAh
  • USB cable
  • Submersible case 30mt
  • Universal fixing kit with 2 bi-adhesive bases

Optional accessories:

  • XTC Suction Cap Mount – cod. C980.01
  • XTC-Ski goggle mount – cod. C989
  • XTC- Velcro strap for bicycle helmets – cod. C991
  • XTC- Handlebar mount – cod. C992
  • XTC-Surf /Snowboard mount – cod. C1038
  • XTC-Head strap mount – cod. C1040
  • XTC- Cap mount – cod. C1012
  • Lateral slide – cod. R73161
  • XTC- Bi-adhesive support for helmets – cod. C990 (accessory included in the packaging)
  • RAM Roll bar mount – cod. C1042
  • RAM Magnetic mount – cod. C1041
  • RAM Moto and Quad mount – cod. C1052
  • Picatinny Rail mount – cod. C1039
  • XTC- Universal mount for rifles – cod. C1064.01
  • XTC – Rifle mount – cod. C1066
  • XTC- Tree mount – cod. C1062
  • XTC- Bow mount – cod. C1068
  • CC-XTC280 – Submersible case up to 60 m – cod. C976.01
  • Memory card 8GB – cod. C1067
  • Memory card 16GB – cod. C1067.01
  • Memory card 32GB – cod. C1067.02
  • XTC- Li-Ion battery pack 900mAh – cod. C1015
  • Emergency charger – cod. C920