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Bluetooth Intercom System for every outdoor activity

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Midland introduces a new solution designed for sport lovers

BT SKI ACTION is an Intercom system conceived for every outdoor activity; it is suitable for leisure users who want to enjoy the Bluetooth communications or music while practicing their favorite sports.
BT SKI ACTION is provided with the small and practical Bluetooth device BT SKI ACTION and two different kits included in the packaging that allow to wear the BT SKI ACTION as you want, with or without the helmet.
It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer time, just wear it and go!

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With Midland BT SKI ACTION you can talk in intercom mode with another Bluetooth device up to a max distance of 200mt; besides you can answer your mobile phone using the voice activation, without any distractions or having to stop.
Besides, Midland BT SKI ACTION is fitted with a plug that enables it to be wired to an iPod/MP3 player and/or to a PMR446 transceiver allowing communications amongst various users (using the optional PMR446 cable).
This is perfect for group teaching!
Thanks to the supplied ‘Universal helmet kit’ you can wear your BT SKI ACTION with both rigid and semi-rigid ski helmets: it is provided with a practical audio kit composed of two ultra-flat high performance stereo speakers and one microphone with boom. BT SKI will be placed outside the helmet using the functional Velcro band or mounted on the bi-adhesive clamp on the rigid surface of the helmet.

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The supplied ‘Action kit’ – composed of an earphone and boom mike – is the ideal solution for all those sport activities that do not require the use of helmet or for helmets for summer sports.

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  • Bluetooth version: 2.0 stereo (Headset/Handsfree/A2DP protocol)
  • AGC system automatically controls the volume in relation to background noise
  • Voice (VOX) or manual activation of the communication
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth connection to answer calls and listen to the music
  • Manual controls to enable the main controls of the mobile phone, intercom and wire connection
  • Waterproof/snowproof
  • Intercom: max coverage up to 200mt
  • Wired audio connection to iPod/mp3 or to PMR446 transceivers (optional cable 1 and 2 pin)


Single Version code: C928.10

  • 1 BT SKI ACTION device
  • 1 “Universal helmet kit” composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 1 “Action kit” composed of mono-earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 1 AUX audio cable
  • 1 USB power supply cable

Twin version code: C928.11

  • 2 BT SKI ACTION devices
  • 2 “Universal helmet kits”; each one is composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 2 “Action kits”; each one is composed of earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 2 AUX audio cables
  • 2 USB power supply cables


  • BT Moto Audio Kit cod. C933 Stereo headset with 2 microphones ( 1 with a bracket and 1 wired) and two installation brackets (1 bi-adhesive plate and 1 clamp). This kit allows you to use your BT SKI on the bike as a BT CITY/BT EVA.
  • Kit 165 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 2 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS300U) for Midland G6, G7 series, G8, G9).
  • Kit 129 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 1 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS301) for Midland 777, Midland G5 e G5 XT.
  • EMERGENCY CHARGER code C920 portable charger for BT line.