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After the great success of ENERJUMP, Midland widens the range of jump starters to be able to startup any kind of vehicles, by introducing two brand new models: ENERJUMP WORK and ENERJUMP TRUCK.

All these models have been created with the aim of being used for different types of vehicles with different displacements.

ENERJUMP TRUCK – cod. C1184.0202


ENERJUMP TRUCK is the most powerful jump starter of the Enerjump family. It has been designed to jump start heavy vehicles and is able to restart both 12V and 24V batteries with a displacement up to 11.000CC.

It is the ideal tool for roadside emergencies and thanks to its performances, it is particularly indicated for being used on trucks, vans, off-road vehicles, campers, agricultural vehicles, cars, boats, etc.

ENERJUMP TRUCK is easy to use, place and carry.

Using ENERJUMP TRUCK is very easy: if the battery of your vehicle is dead, connect the clamps in parallel (without disconnecting the vehicle’s cables from the battery) and start your vehicle!

Thanks to its particular design and compact size ENERJUMP TRUCK can be easily stowed in tight spaces or between the seats of your vehicle, while the built-in handle allows to easily take it with you.

The chassis with shock-proof corner reinforcements and the professional clamps with big-section cables make it an indispensable and top quality device.

ENERJUMP TRUCK is supplied with ‘Smart Jump Start System™’ that allows:

– Automatic detection of the battery voltage
– Protection against short-circuits
– Protection against the polarity inversion

The 5-led indicator clearly shows the charge level.


What’s in the box:
– Jump starter with cables and clamps
– Wall charger
– Cigarette lighter power cable

Technical specifications

– Capacity: 24000mAh
– Input: 14V/1A
– Output: 12/24V
– Start current: 500A (12V) / 250A (24V)
– Peak current: 1000A (12V) / 500A (24V)
– Weight: 1600g
– Dimensions: 21 x 23,7 x 7,5cm
– Lifetime: >1000 cycles

ENERJUMP WORK – cod. C1184.01

ENERJUMP WORK is the intermediate model of the ENERJUMP line.

ENERJUMP WORK is able to jump start vehicles with a 12 battery and a displacement up to 6000CC (petrol) and 3000CC (diesel).

It is suitable to be used on vans, off-road vehicles, campers and cars.

ENERJUMP WORK is also a powerful power bank with 2 USB ports that simultaneously recharges portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, action cameras, etc without the need of a main socket. It can recharge your iPhone up to 7 times!

ENERJUMP WORK has two further sockets: a 12V socket to recharge portable coolers and another one of 19V for the recharge of your Notebook.

The device is fitted with intelligent clamps with ‘Smart jump start system™’  that:

– Automatically detects the battery voltage
– Prevents short circuits
– Protects against the polarity inversion

ENERJUMP WORK is equipped with a 5 led charge indicator and a powerful led torch 100L to ensure you will never be in the dark and that is able to launch an SOS flashlight in case of emergency.


What’s in the box

Semi-rigid case including:

– Jump starter
– Clamps with ‘Smart jump start system™’
– Wall charger
– Cigarette lighter power cable
– USB to micro USB cable
– Notebook connector set

07Technical specifications:

– Capacity: 18000mAh
– Input: 14V/1A
– Output: 5V-1A / 5V-2A / 12V-10A / 19V-3.5A
– Start current: 300A
– Peak current: 600A
– Weight: 615g
– Dimensions: 23 x 8,7 x 2,7 cm
– Lifetime: >1000 cycles

ENERJUMP – cod. C1184
ENERJUMP is the first model of the Automotive line.

It’s a compact jump starter – the smallest one of the Enerjump family – but powerful enough to provide an instant startup of vehicles with a 12V battery with a displacement up to 3000CC (petrol) and 2000CC (diesel): it’s particularly indicated for motorbikes, scooters, quad, cars, campers, etc.

But ENERJUMP is also a powerful powerbank with USB port able to recharge several times portable devices such as tablets, smartphones, BT intercom, XTC action cameras, mp3, etc.

It recharges your iPhone up to 3 times!

ENERJUMP is fitted with a 5-led charge indicator and an intense led flashlight that in case of emergency lights up an SOS signalling (intermittent light).


What’s in the box

Soft case including:

– Jump starter
– Jumper cables with clamps
– 12V car charger
– Wall charger
– USB to micro USB cable

10Technical specifications

– Capacity: 8000mAh
– Input: 12/24V – 1A
– Output: 5V – 2A
– Car starter: 12V
– Start current: 200A
– Peak current: 400A
– Weight: 300g
– Dimensions: 13 x 7,5 x 2,5 cm



In my blog from January 25-2015, I wrote about a new product from Midland, the ENERJUMP.



You can find detailed information about the ENERJUMP on our website.

Basicly the ENERJUMP is a kind of PowerBank. If you visit a trade show in USA or Far East you will notice that PowerBanks are hot business.

Everyone wants to make them and they all want to sell these.


We all know President from their famous line of CB products. Not often they step outside their core business. But now they do as they introduce three types of PowerBanks. These are not just a PowerBank, these are Portable Power and Roadside Assistance Kits.


There are 3 models available:


• MPB6000


• MPB8800



• MPB12000

Basicly the three kits are identical. It is a PowerBank to jumpstart a car, it includes a flashlight and it allows you to charge electronic devices.



Charging Electronic Devices and Flashlight

But the President Multi-Pack Booster also includes a compressor !

The difference in the 3 models is the capacity of the battery, which is the heart of each PowerBank.


Jumpstart of a car with a President MPB12000

If used to jumpstart a car all three models will deliver a peak of maximum 400 Ampere! But the total capacity of the battery pack inside the Powerbank is different for these 3 models.
• MPB6000 has a capacity of 6000 mAh
• MPB8000 has a capacity of 8800 mAh
• MPB12000 has a capacity of 12000 mAh.




Compressor with meter

The compressor allows you to inflate the tires of your car, or the tubes of a bike, or an inflatable boat. If you need an item to fill it with air you can use the MPB to
inflate that product.


All three models are sold in a handy carry case. It will allow you to keep all items together in one tool box.

MPB comes in a handy tool case


President MULTI-PACK BOOSTERS come complete with the jumper cables to charge the car battery. But also an USB Charging Cable, 12VDC cable and 230VAC wall charger are included.

All cables are included

Certainly during vacation time it is a safe feeling to know that you have a PowerBank in your car. Just in case your battery or phone/tablet is dead. Or if you want to assist someone who needs help.

I remember when my kids were small and each summer I had to inflate boats, tires, air-mattresses etc. I inflated so much I got dizzy now and then. If there ever come grandchildren I will have a Multi-Pack Booster quite close, I better use my breath for talking.

To all of my readers: I hope you will enjoy your vacation time and the summer!



If you travel in USA and in Far East it is quite common that at check in you are asked “do you carry a power bank in your luggage sir?”

Airlines do not like Power Banks. For those who do not know what a power bank is: It is a battery!

The modern battery technics make it possible to store a lot of energy in a battery. There are all kind of Lithium based batteries, most famous is Lithium-Ion. A lot of power, small seize and low in weight. That is exactly what people need now a days for their smart phones and other electronic devices.

By law airlines can carry only a certain number of kilos of these batteries. If this kind of battery is damaged it might cause a fire. If not packed carefully in your suitcase and hit by a second suitcase it is possible the power bank is damaged.

Too many of these batteries can cause a huge fire that might destroy a plane. Safety comes first for airlines so they might stop your power bank from boarding or ask you to pack it correctly before entering the plane.


The first power banks were basically backup batteries for your electronic devices. Empty phone? – connect to a power bank and recharge!

Now a days the power banks have lots more power. Even so much that you can start your car with a modern power bank. Some can deliver 200 Ampere and even 400 Ampere as a peak current!!


Recently Midland introduced their ENERJUMP. The dimensions are just 131 x 75 x 25 mm. It can be used to charge electronic equipment, it can be used as a flashlight and and it can be used to start a car when the car battery is empty.

Read what the Midland people say about the new product.


Enerjump Photo


If the battery of your vehicle or electronic device goes dead, you have a new equipment to face up the emergency! Nowadays we can no longer do without a reserve of energy for all our electronic devices that we daily bring with us.

ENERJUMP is a powerful powerbank with USB port, able to recharge several times all portable electronic devices ‐ such as smartphones, tablets, BT Intercom equipment, XTC action cameras , mp3… every where and without the need of a main socket.
It completely recharges your i-Phone up to 3 times!

Enerjump charging phoneEnerjump charging a phone

But the extraordinariness of Enerjump is the capability to jump‐start your battery without the need of another vehicle!

No matter if it’s about your car, motorbike, quad or camping van, you don’t have to ask for help to anybody, anymore!

Despite its reduced size and thanks to its 12V output with a high peak current, ENERJUMP has enough power to jump start your vehicle when the battery is dead.
Just connect the jumper cables and its clamps (red +/ black ‐ ) supplied in the packaging to the vehicle’s battery, turn on Enerjump and start your car!

Enerjump used to jumpstart a carEnerjump in action to jumpstart a car

ENERJUMP is also equipped with a powerful built‐in Led flashlight, able to light up SOS emergency signalling (intermittent flash) .
Enerjump Flashlight FunctionEnerjump used as flashlight

The 5‐led charge indicator clearly shows you the charge level.
ENERJUMP is ideal for everyday use or roadside emergencies; so remember to take it always with you, in your daily activities or adventures!


‐ Enerjump
‐ Jumper cables with clamps
‐ 12V car charger
‐ Wall charger
‐ USB to micro cable
‐ User manual

Enerjump Packing IncludesContent of packing


‐ Nominal capacity: 8000mAh
‐ Input: 12/14V ‐ 1A
‐ Output: 5V ‐ 2A
‐ Car starter: 12V
‐ Starting current: 200A
‐ Peak current: 400A
‐ Weight: 300g
‐ Dimensions: 131 x 75 x 25mm


I must admit I love this product. It comes in a handy carry case, it has so many possibilities and it gives you a more safe feeling.

But there are also some remarks to make. At cold weather (more than minus 5ºC) it is not advised to leave the Enerjump in your car. But that are also the best nights to charge the Enerjump to make sure you have power.

Second remark is that I did not find out yet what is the self-discharge of this item. The used Lithium-Cobalt battery has low self-discharge, but it also depends on local temperatures and charging disciplines.
If you need power it and you have it: “GREAT!”
But if you need power and the Enerjump is empty it is: “GRRR”

And while I start charging my Enerjump you can watch a funny video from Midland Italy about this product.

Detailed information about this product on the Avera website: ENERJUMP