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Photo: New DIGIMIKE from President

Since many years President is producing CB radio’s with electret microphones and a standard 6-Pin connector. Big advantage is that all modern President 6-Pin electret microphones can be used on all President CB radio models.
Electret micro elements need a voltage to function and in the President system this voltage comes direct from the radio. One of the 6-pins brings the power from the CB to the microphone.
That is why you do not need a battery in this NOISE CANCELLING microphone, the DIGIMIKE


Photo: Front view of DIGIMIKE

The DIGIMIKE is on the market since some time now and the users love the quality. One of them told us that he used the DIGIMIKE in the car with the radio on a good volume. With maximum noise reduction the music from the song on the radio was gone, but some of the voice was still there !

This basicly describes what the microphone is doing: the sound from te surroundings, not being human voice, is filtered away. That makes that your voice is heard a lot better by the other stations listening to you.

Photo: Top view of the DIGIMIKE

The DIGIMIKE is user friendly. Unpack the micro and plug it in your President 6-Pin CB radio. Very old models may have a 6-Pin dynamic microphone and in that case the DIGIMIKE makes no sense.
On the top of micro you can change channels up or down and most important you can set the NRC level. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Circuit (same as NOISE CANCELLING). There are 5 levels , test with listeners wat they like best and you are ready to go.


Noise Reduction Microphone
• NRC = Noise Reduction Circuit
• 5 NRC Levels
• Up/Down Function
 Type:  Electret
• Connector: P6, President Wiring
• Packing: Box

You want to read the user manual first, check this link for DIGIMIKE USER MANUAL .


It is the President DIGIMIKE, but if you have a CB from an other brand , that has a 6-Pin electret microphone and same wiring you can use the DIGIMIKE on that radio too.



01Booth of CB Distributing

At CES there is only one distributor who is present each year with a booth. That is the company CB Distributing from Portland OREGON. They are USA West coast based and for them it is a good opportunity to meet new and existing customers.

02Talking to customers

The program they display has much similarity with the Avera program. That is why we always pay a visit to their booth. They show Cobra CB and marine, Uniden CB, Stryker 10M, GearKeepers for CB, Firestik Antennas, K40 and Wilson antennas and their own line Accessories Unlimited and lots more.

03Cobra CB and Marine, Uniden CB

A brand we do not often see in Europe is ‘STRYKER’. They are mainly known for the 10 meter radios they make for the USA market. In the booth CB Distributing showed the new Stryker SR89MCV2. This is a ‘remote’10 meter transceiver, all functions and controls are put in the microphone.
In Europe we have a 40CH CB Transceiver in same casing, the CRT MIKE.

Under the brand name ‘Stryker’ CBD also showed some antennas. Most of these look like copies of famous USA antennas like WILSON. One model that looked unique was the Stryker SR-A10. The coil is put in a robust oil can. The look is very special, but It is so ugly that it looks great, but the market for these will be very small.

05Stryker SR-A10 antenna

As a President distributor from Europe we were happily surprised to see a President flag and two President boxes in the CBD booth. One box for ‘President Johnny-3 USA’ and one box for ‘President Johnson-2 USA’. At the show the price information was not available yet. The products were expected to be available within 4 weeks.
The flyer from CB Distributing told us that the introduction is made for a Johnny-3 USA with a free of charge New York antenna. The Johnson-3 USA comes with a free IOWA antenna.

06Keith Eschliman proudly shows the new President USA models.


President USA was not available with a booth at CES 2016. But in a suite of Mandalay Bay the USA distributors could meet Chief Operations Cavi Sharma and Chief Sales Kip Sullivan from President USA. There were also models of the new radios available.

07Kip Sullivan showing the new President USA models


The smallest model to start in USA is the Johnny-3 USA. (PDF)
It is a 40 channel AM radio. The tooling looks like the European Johnny-3 but internally it must be totally different as there is also a WX function and weather channel function is not present on the European models.
The USA model has a three colour display, better than the European model.
New for USA is that the President models come as a 12V/24V radio.

Most trucks are 12 Volt in USA. But agricultural tractors and some other pullers use 24 Volt systems. The people we spoke during CES find the 12V/24V a great option from the President CB’s.



10Johnny-3 USA with three colour display


For Avera one of our main selling radios is the President Johnson-2. This is by far the most popular CB for truckers in The Netherlands. In USA the President Johnson-2 USA (PDF) is the 2nd model that comes on the US market. It is also a 40CH AM CB transceiver.
The looks are the same as the European model, but also for this type counts that the PCB is totally different. It will be more like the PCB of Uniden PRO538W. But this model has also a three colour display and 12V/24V capability.



13Johnson-2 USA with three colour display


Guarantee in USA is different from Europe. In Europe it is a real legal right you have. Even if the manufacturer tells 1 year, the law might say 2 or 3 years. In USA it is more that you get what the manufacturer is promising you.
President USA decided to give 2 years guarantee. But you get 3 years more if you buy also a President antenna.

The US market is mainly a truckers market. Until now we have not seen President antennas that are a real competition for the famous USA truck antennas. But who knows what President will come up with in the future.

14President showing that looks might be the same but
electronics have changed.

15Kip Sullivan acting with a Johnson-2 USA


For more information visit the new President website at:

So far our news from CES 2016 – more CES news next year !



In my blog from January 25-2015, I wrote about a new product from Midland, the ENERJUMP.



You can find detailed information about the ENERJUMP on our website.

Basicly the ENERJUMP is a kind of PowerBank. If you visit a trade show in USA or Far East you will notice that PowerBanks are hot business.

Everyone wants to make them and they all want to sell these.


We all know President from their famous line of CB products. Not often they step outside their core business. But now they do as they introduce three types of PowerBanks. These are not just a PowerBank, these are Portable Power and Roadside Assistance Kits.


There are 3 models available:


• MPB6000


• MPB8800



• MPB12000

Basicly the three kits are identical. It is a PowerBank to jumpstart a car, it includes a flashlight and it allows you to charge electronic devices.



Charging Electronic Devices and Flashlight

But the President Multi-Pack Booster also includes a compressor !

The difference in the 3 models is the capacity of the battery, which is the heart of each PowerBank.


Jumpstart of a car with a President MPB12000

If used to jumpstart a car all three models will deliver a peak of maximum 400 Ampere! But the total capacity of the battery pack inside the Powerbank is different for these 3 models.
• MPB6000 has a capacity of 6000 mAh
• MPB8000 has a capacity of 8800 mAh
• MPB12000 has a capacity of 12000 mAh.




Compressor with meter

The compressor allows you to inflate the tires of your car, or the tubes of a bike, or an inflatable boat. If you need an item to fill it with air you can use the MPB to
inflate that product.


All three models are sold in a handy carry case. It will allow you to keep all items together in one tool box.

MPB comes in a handy tool case


President MULTI-PACK BOOSTERS come complete with the jumper cables to charge the car battery. But also an USB Charging Cable, 12VDC cable and 230VAC wall charger are included.

All cables are included

Certainly during vacation time it is a safe feeling to know that you have a PowerBank in your car. Just in case your battery or phone/tablet is dead. Or if you want to assist someone who needs help.

I remember when my kids were small and each summer I had to inflate boats, tires, air-mattresses etc. I inflated so much I got dizzy now and then. If there ever come grandchildren I will have a Multi-Pack Booster quite close, I better use my breath for talking.

To all of my readers: I hope you will enjoy your vacation time and the summer!


In the 1980’s one of the most popular CB/10Meter radios in Europe was the President LINCOLN.

eenPhoto: President Lincoln

The radio was manufactured by Uniden Corporation Japan in one of their Far East factories. For the USA market, Uniden supplied the Uniden HR2830 and similar models.
In the 1970’s Uniden supplied in USA their CB transceivers under the brandname President. But to promote the Uniden brandname they started using the Uniden name for their transceivers.
For the European CB market, there was only the President brandname.

(Note: Approx. 1 week ago, in my blog about President Grant-2 , I explained that Uniden is changing the name of the CB models now into BEARCAT.)

But back to the 80s. Because of the name switch in the USA and some model upgrades and downgrades, the following types came on the USA market: Uniden HR-2510, President HR-2510, Uniden HR-2600, Uniden HR-2800, Uniden HR-2830. Maybe I haven’t even seen all the variations there were in those days.

tweePhoto: Uniden President HR2510, photo by cbradiomagazine.com

All these models were strictly sold as a 10 meter HAM radio, but could be modified to a 11 meter band as well. The FCC in the USA was not happy with this modification, so Uniden changed the processor and the models could not easily be modified anymore.
At a certain point Uniden decided to stop the sales of these models in the USA in order to no longer have problems with the FCC. But there continued to be a huge demand for this radio. So USA companies started to import the President Lincolns from Europe. That might seem a little strange at first, but President in Europe is an independent company and not a daughter company from Uniden Japan.
In the early 90s several parts for the Lincoln were discontinued and Uniden decided to stop the production of the legendary LINCOLN altogether.

The President Lincoln was popular because it was a GOOD radio without any problems. Even now after 30 years, there are still many operators on CB and 10 meter that use this radio. It is an AM/FM/SSB/CW radio with good power and never lets you down.
Uniden is not into the 10 meter radio business anymore, but President in Europe wanted to have a new version of old Lincoln, so they started to develop the new LINCOLN-2.


President wanted the Lincoln-2 to be as good as the original one. This is not easy to achieve, since Uniden is famous for its quality.
It took President a long time to find a good factory that would qualify for production, because of their high demands.
In December 2013 the first production was made, and when that lot came on the market in January 2014, they were all sold within days.

vierPhoto: I was excited to get my first sample of Lincoln-2.

At President they knew they had a hit. The legend was still alive !
But they had not expected the public to be that eager on purchasing the new Lincoln-2. So now it is only the end of February and we are already waiting for a new production to arrive in Europe. Let’s hope the new stock will arrive around March/April.
On internet forums and YouTube you can find many reviews about the Lincoln-2. Everyone seems quite happy with the looks, functions and quality. Personally I think there will be a big competition between Grant-2 and Lincoln-2. But in the end it will be the user who decides what he is buying. But for now: the legend is back !

vijf en zesPhoto: Lincoln-2 in green and blue display light.

* VIDEO 1 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014.
* VIDEO 2 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014, inside.
* VIDEO 3 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014, on the bowl.
* VIDEO 4 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014, Part 2.
* VIDEO 5 = David Ogg, January 28-2014, Part 1.
* VIDEO 6 = David Ogg, January 28-2014, Part 2.

Click the link below to go direct to this item on the Avera website:
President LINCOLN-2