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 Photo: Page from Sirtel Catalogue

The Santiago 1200 is very well known model antenna that has been around for many many years. I am in the CB for over 40 years and that model exists as long as I can remember. I have no idea who the original manufacturer was. All popular models in this industry have been copied and copied again.

Certainly for the last  20 years, every one thought the Sirtel Santiuago 1200 was the original model. But as I wrote before, I can not be sure about that. But since some time the Sirtel model is not available anymore. There are stories in the market, but I could not find a person to tell the true story until now. What I do know is following:

Around 15 years ago some antenna manufacturers decided to cooperate more closely. The Italian companies, Sirtel, Mantova, Sigma and Lea combined forces to attack the European market. That went well for some time, but few months ago the doors of the factory closed. Some people think there will be a re-tart, but others doubt this.  Honestly, I have no idea what will happen.

The most popular models from the factory were the Mantova base antenna and the Santiago 1200. No need to be disappointed because there are still several Santiago 1200 or S1200, or SS1200 on the market. As I wrote in the beginning, many factories copied this model. It is copied so many times that we do not know anymore from who the original is. It also does not mean that the copies are from less quality. Sometimes copies can better than the original.

At Avera we have two different and equal Santiago 1200 models  for sale. So for those who still want the Santiago 1200 , no need to be sad – the antenna is still on the market.

Photo: Detail of Santiago 1200