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Firearm Mounting Systems
compatible with Midland XTC Action Cameras
Midland introduces two new XTC Action Camera mounting systems for shotguns and rifles, developed and produced in Italy. Designed with the cooperation of shooting industry professionals, these action camera mounts are every bit as rugged and dependable as the Midland XTC Action Cameras.
Designed for the shooting sports enthusiasts who enjoy capturing and sharing their adventure in HD, these mounting systems fit a wide variety of rifles and shotguns. They provide a stable and fully adjustable platform for your XTC Action Camera. Whether crushing clays, flushing quail or harvesting that record whitetail.
Engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions and made with top quality materials, these XTC Action Camera mounts are able to withstand heavy recoil and provide the durability you expect from Midland.

Installation is simple and quick, thanks to the instruction paper included in the packaging, and the many camera mounting options provide a high level of versatility, guaranteeing exceptional videos.

Over/Under’ and Side by Side Shotgun mount
Whether you are crushing clays or hunting upland fowl this XTC Action Camera mounting system provides the perfect platform catch the action. Designed to be used with both Over/Under and Side by Side 12 gauge shotguns the XTC Shotgun mount means versatility.
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Rifle mount
This extremely versatile mount utilizes the front sling swivel to provide a unique first person point of view to your video adventure.
Use of the rifle’s sling is not inhibited by the installation of the XTC Action Camera Rifle Mount, allowing for added shooting stability.
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