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Recently Midland introduced their first digital PMR radio. This is what they say about this new product:
D200 Photo HQ2
This innovative device allows you to communicate using two different protocols:
– DPMR446
– PMR446
Digital technology offers important new features: first of all, it enhances communication quality, which is much clearer than with the analogue system.
In addition, digital audio processing significantly reduces sensitivity to noise and interference.
Being new on the market the digital bandwidth is less congested than analogue frequencies.
It has twice as many (16) channels as in classic PMR446, being 8 analogue and 8 digital (these last onesyou  can even double by using the dedicated programming kit, partnumber C974.01.)
D-200 allows you to make individual and group calls. In particular D-200 comes with 3 customisable buttons that can be used to make three different types of calls – standard, individual and group calls. In addition, a powerful digital scrambler will protect communications from unwanted listeners and ensure maximum privacy.

Versions: DPMR446/PMR446
Colour: Black
Channels: 8 Analogic + 8 Digital preprogrammed
Tones: 52 CTCSS + 166 DCS
Export Version 5 Watt

·· Analog/digital communication protocol
·· Automatic recognition of the analog/digital channel used and default mode reset (with the help of the programming software)
·· 16 analog/digital channels
·· Digital 6.25KHz filter
·· 166 DCS codes+ 52 CTCSS tones (analog bandwidth)
·· Individual and group digital calls
·· 32bit digital scrambler
·· Voice alert, Scan, VOX
·· High-capacity 1800mAh Li-Ion battery
·· External socket for 2-pin Kenwood

Box single pack:
Radio, desktop charger, wall adapter, 1800 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, belt clip
code C1159

code C974.01
Customisation of channels and frequencies, digital scrambler


Recently Midland introduced the first model of a new generation of action cameras. The new H5 looks more like a GoPro, the leader in the market of action cameras.

1Midland H5 Camera with yellow cover, also a black cover is included
in the standard packing.

After the multi-year experience in this sector with the XTC models designed with a longitudinal shape, Midland presents the brand new H line, characterized by a frontal form factor, that completes the range of action cameras and covers all possible uses, such as the requirements of sportsmen or enthusiast of outdoor activities.

H5 offers a lot for very little! Its small dimensions and its ease of use make H5 the perfect solution for your leisure time or a daily use.

Its form factor allows it to be easily worn for example on your chest.
Midland H5 guarantees high performances: Full HD 30fps with a sensor able to take top quality pictures up to 12MP; the built-in Wi-Fi allows to watch and share your photos and videos, thanks to the dedicated APP iSmart DV, compatible with iOS or Android.

2The integrated 1.5 inch LCD display allows to frame or watch your videos and photos without the need of a smartphone or tablet.

The H5 is fitted with many innovative functions: self-timer (you can select the time delay to shoot a photo), Time-lapse, photo burst (to take 3/5/10 photos per second), Motion detection (the camera automatically starts recording when a movement is detected).

Besides, H5 continuously records and when the card is full, it records over the oldest videos; it is also equipped with the Slow Motion mode to watch the videos in rallenty.

H5 is supplied in a full optional packaging including 20 accessories to combine and create the best mounting solution for your requirements.

3Midland H5 in submersible case

H5 is fitted with 140° wide angle and image stabilizer for excellent shoots, even for your extreme adventures!

4all items included in the packing

1 Pc of H5 Action Camera.
1 Pc of Interchangeable Front Cover (Yellow or Black).
1 Pc of Submersible Case up to 30m.
1 Pc of Handlebar Mount.
1 Pc of Helmet Mount.
1 Pc of Ventilated Helmet Bandages.
1 Set of Tethers.
1 Pc of USB Cable.
1 Pc of Lens Cloth.
1 Pc of Li-Ion 900mAh Battery.
Supports, Adaptors for different Fixing Systems.


Many accessories from the XTC series can also be used for the new H5 camera. This a list of Midland accessories.
XTC Chest Mount = Chest Mount.
XT POD-MINI = Monopod Mount 18 cm.
XT POD-2S = Telescopic Multicam 2-Section Monopod 80 cm.
XT POD-3S = Telescopic Multicam 3-Section Monopod 112 cm.
XTC Mount = XTC Mount for Handlebars and Tubes.
XTC Cap Mount = Cap Mount.
XTC Mount = Universal Mount for Rifles.
XTC Tree Mount
XTC Bow Mount
C980.01 = XTC SUCTION CUP MOUNT – Suction Mount for Cars.
C1042 = RAM Roll Bar Mount.
C1041 = RAM Magnetic Mount.
C1052 = RAM Moto Quad Mount.
C1067 = Memory Card 8GB.
C1067.01 = Memory Card 16GB.
C1067.02 = Memory Card 32GB.

In the world of electronics it is not always the best product that wins a race. The Midland XTC series is great in performance and price. But the look was different from action camera market leader GoPro. I think that is why Midland is starting with this new look but still the better quality supplied.

The Midland H5 is available from stock at Avera-Distributing.


Custom Aluminum Carabiner Keeps Items On Your Person,
Secure and Accessible
RT4 model with Carabiner Clip and Q/C-1 connection.

In an effort to offer the widest range of attachment options to fit the wide variety of tactical and military personnel needs, Hammerhead Industries introduces the new RT4 Series Gear Keeper featuring a Carabiner Clip, a general mounting system designed so you can grab your gear, use it, and know it will retract back into place until you need it next.
Perfect for tethering all types of necessary tactical gear from GPS handheld units to flashlights, the RT4 Series with Carabiner Clip comes in a variety of retraction force options and extension lengths for whatever gear you need to keep close and accessible on your next mission.

The new custom aluminum Carabiner is integrated into the mount and designed to have a short extension allowing you to keep your gear as close to your person as possible when stored. This helps to keep gear from clattering around, and maintaining a quiet presence, important when in the field. The lightweight aluminum is extremely strong and has a wide opening for easy attachment to a large D-ring or a belt loop.

Designed like other Gear Keeper products to be as durable as possible in some of the most severe environments, the RT4 Series’ retractable mount has a patented flushing system that clears sand and debris from the unit. It is also salt-water proof and features a patented Q/C Connector System, which provides for quick and easy connection/disconnection of gear.

The retractable line is constructed of high tensile Spectra/Nylon and coupled with stainless steel spring hardware all in a high-impact casing. All this makes for a device that boasts superior overall integrity and will be able to take knock after knock in the field.

Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different size and weight gear.
The Model RT4-0040 has a retraction force of 85 gram (3 oz.) and extends to 91 cm (36 inch) ideal for lighter items. Model RT4-0061 has a retraction force of 170 gram (6 oz.) and also extends to 91 cm (36 inch) perfect for a small tactical light.
The RT4-0064 has retraction force of 255 gram (9 oz.) enough for a GPS unit and extends to 81 cm (32 inch).
Finally, the brand new RT4-0065 has a retraction force of 453 gram (16 oz.) and extends to 56 cm (22 inch) for even heavier items.

RT4-4465 for the Fire Fighters market with larger Q/C-2 connection,
Retractie 453 gram.

In addition to the Carabiner attachment, RT4 Series Gear Keeper general mount is also available in other mounting options including a threaded stud mount, a Velcro strap mount, and a heavy duty snap clip.

The original Geer Keeper system was engineered specifically for SCUBA diving literally born out of a need to secure items in situations when hands are otherwise occupied. Gear Keeper systems are now available in more than 3,000 configuration options and used in applications from law enforcement, military and hiking to fishing, hunting and trucking.

For more information about the new RT4 Series Gear Keeper with Carabiner, or other Gear Keeper Products contact the European sales office at Avera-Distributing in The Netherlands.


Midland p/n C1170

New in the Avera stock is the Midland CT890. This is the info that Midland is supplying to the market:


CT890 is the brand new multifunction amateur radio, dual band version operating in VHF/UHF.

Realized with the latest technology, CT890 is an excellent and reliable transceiver to use in professional situations or sport events.

Its robust mechanical frame and the aluminum chassis allow you to operate even in harsh environments.

CT890 is an innovative radio in the amateur field that combines new functions such as:

Full Duplex (you can transmit and receive at the same time), Repeater function (the radio is a sort of repeater: it can transmit what has received from another band – VHF →UHF or vice‐versa).

Up to 999 memory channels.

CT890 is equipped with a wide colorful LCD display to show you all the functions activated, with a very high efficiency Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh and with FM radio receiver.

CT890 has a practical alphanumerical keypad to set channels, frequency and all the main functions.

The flexible antenna, common to all Midland CT series, allows you to easily wear the radio even on a belt.

The radio is programmable thanks to the optional programming software PRG‐10, useful to manage and set some functions such as number of channels, etc .

COMPLYING TO CE/99/05CT890 Front View

COLOR: Black

What’s in the box
• 1 CT890 transceiver
• 1 flexible antenna
• 1 belt clip
• 1 Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh
• 1 desktop charger with USB cable
• Quick guide

Main features

• VHF and UHF frequency bands displayed
• Operating modes: UHF‐VHF, UHF‐UHF, VHF‐VHF
• Output power: VHF: 5W / UHF: 4W
• Frequency: VHF: 144‐146MHz / UHF: 430‐440MHz
• Full Duplex
• Repeater function
• 999 memory channels
• Wide colorful LCD display
• Very high efficiency Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh
• 105 +105 (I/N) DCS codes
• Emergency function
• Scan + priority Scan + group Scan
• Flashlight
• High/low power selection
• TOT function (time out timer)
• Channel spacing 25 kHz/12,5 kHz
• VOX function / Roger Beep
• ‘VOICE’ function
• The display can show: channel number, frequency, channel number + frequency, or channel name
• Inverted frequency function
• Frequency steps: 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz, 37kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz.
• Frequency offset
• Shift repeater
• ‘Busy channel lockout’ function
• TX signal strength on the display
• Low battery vocal and display indication
• Keypad lock
• Scan of frequencies with CTCSS/DCS
• Channel/functions reset
• 1750 tone for repeaters
• Cloning function with optional cable cod. R73727
• External speaker/mike jack: Kenwood type

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

As optional accessory, the Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh model PB890, cod. C1172 is available.

Gear Keeper® Retractable Tool Lanyard Systems meet IAQG, NAFPI and NCATT Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) standards for securing loose tools

plaatjeAviation and aerospace safety engineers concerned with Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) can choose from an extensive array of Gear Keeper stock and custom tethering systems.

Virtually eliminating a tool left behind, aviation maintenance and repair service employees can use the tool and then let it go as it safely returns to Gear Keeper’s secure tool storage position.

A tool inadvertently left behind during a maintenance or repair service has the potential to bring down a plane. At best it can cause repairs, flight delays, plane changes and fuel inefficiencies. Internationally, Foreign Object Damage (FOD) costs the aviation industry about Euro,00 per year in direct and indirect costs. A recent Insight SRI survey4 indicated that 300 of the world’s largest airports, which collectively service about 55 million aircraft movements per year, have reported more than 60,000 FOD incidents. Fortunately, many of these instances can be virtually eliminated by a Gear Keeper retractable tool tethering system that will prevent anyone from leaving a tool behind.

Aviation and aerospace safety engineers concerned with Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) can choose from an extensive array of Gear Keeper stock and custom tethering systems. Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Hammerhead Industries, the Gear Keeper line of tool and instrument tethering systems is the world’s largest and most comprehensive. With over 3.000 different lanyards and retractable tethering configurations, a Gear Keeper system will fit virtually every aviation/aerospace tool or application.

The patented Gear Keeper Retractor is at the core of an extensive product line utilizing four different retractors from light to heavy duty. Each of the retractor mechanisms is engineered for retraction forces that are balanced for the weight of the tool being used. The result is effortless extension and retraction without arm strain or harmful “snap-back.” An employee can use the tool and then let it go as it safely and automatically returns to Gear Keeper’s secure tool position.

The modular Gear Keeper system has an impressive array of benefits and features including; lanyard lengths from 70 to 107 cm, patented self-flushing system (that clears sand and debris), salt-water proof, withstands high-temperature environments, keeps tools close to the body thereby avoiding potential entanglement issues and a ratcheting gear that minimizes lanyard length and arm strain. There is also a large selection of mounting options for attaching the lanyard to the user including a 360° Rotating Belt Clip Mount, Threaded Stud Mount, Heavy Duty Snap Clip Mount, Velcro Strap Mount and Epaulet Mount.

For more information about the Gear Keeper Modular Retractor System — or any of the company’s other innovative tethering products, the full line of Gear Keeper’s tool and instrument tethers, lanyards and accessories contact the European distributor Avera Distributing in The Netherlands.


Butel Software, established in 1999 by Gommert Buijsen, is the leading manufacturer for scanner software in the world.
They produce software for Uniden-Bearcat models in Europe and USA, but also for brands like AOR, ICOM and others.

Avera is distributor of the complete range of scanner software made by Butel Software from The Netherlands.

Let us have a look at one of the most popular software programs sold now-a-days, the ARC125.

ARC125: The programming software for the (U)BC125 XLT scanners.

The UBC125XLT is a nice and compact scanner that can store up to 500 memory channels. To make it easy to program the 500 memories the ARC125 programming software was developed by Butel Software.

ARC125 has a very friendly spreadsheet like user interface. This makes it very easy to program new frequencies in the UBC125XLT scanner.

You can easily cut/copy/paste data. You can also import frequency data from any website using the intelligent ‘Paste frequencies’ option.

Channels can be inserted, deleted and sorted using the menu options. But you can also easily swap/copy/move entire banks.
You can store an unlimited number of frequency files.
Uploading to the scanner is fast and smooth using the USB port.

ARC125 comes with a driver for the European UBC125XLT and the US version BC125XLT. After installing the driver, ARC125 will automatically detect the (U)BC125 scanner. ARC125 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.


Midland Introduces the new multi-task transceiver: MIDLAND G15

midland g15MIDLAND G15 is the new semi-professional radio, operating on the PMR446 band, that guarantees clear communications and durable operations.

Compact but extremely tough, G15 boasts an aluminum die cast chassis and the compliance to IP67 level, offering total protection from dust and against the effect of immersion in water up to 1m depth for 30 minutes.

G15 is a very reliable equipment, easy to use and provides clear communications with your partners, even in very noisy environments.

Midland G15 is programmable through its optional programming software: PRG-G15 allows you to increase the performance of your radio or to reduce its functionality by enabling or disabling some features (CTCSS, DCS, TOT, VOX, ROGER BEEP, SQUELCH, VOICE, Emergency…).

G15, incorporates many features such as the vocal tuning activated by default, SCAN and VOX for hands- free conversations; besides, the high-efficiency 1600mAh Li-Ion battery pack ensures 19 hours of autonomy.

With its 16 channels (8 PMR446+ 8 pre-programmed), 50 CTCSS tones and 105 DCS codes, Midland G15 is the ideal device for leisure situations but especially for professional users!
In Conformity with CE/99/05


  • Black

What’s in the box:

  • G15 transceiver with belt clip
  • rechargeable Li-ion battery pack 1600mAh
  • wall adaptor
  • desktop charger
  • quick guide

Main features:

  • PMR 446 Transceiver
  • 8 PMR446 + 8 pre-programmed channels
  • Output power: ≤ 500mW
  • Channel spacing: 12.5KHz
  • IP67 certified
  • Vocal tuning
  • Scan
  • Monitor
  • Roger beep
  • Auto battery save
  • Squelch
  • VOX
  • L-type plug, 2 PIN Motorola
  • Weight: 227gr (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 105×50×32mm (antenna excluded)


  • PRG-G15 Programming software – cod. C1131
  • PB-G15 Li-Ion battery pack 1600mAh – cod. C1128

To improve its ease of use, two optional microphones have been designed:

  • MA25-M Speaker/Mike with L-type plug, 2 Pin Motorola – cod. C1129
  • MA27-M Mike with PTT and L-type plug, 2 Pin Motorola – cod. C1130

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Secure Bar Code Scanners, Radios, GPS Systems and Other Heavy Instruments Against Loss or Damage with Gear Keeper® “Magnum®” Retractable Lanyards While Minimizing The Danger of “Dangling Tether” Entanglement.

Eliminating entanglement issues, Gear Keeper’s new Magnum series of low profile heavy-instrument retractable lanyards safely tether instruments weighing up to 2 Kg.. Designed for maximum productivity the new Magnum retractables keep instruments close to the body when stored while still allowing complete accessibility when in use. This is particularly important when working in close quarters or climbing. The Magnum retractable lanyards are available in three forces to match the weight of the instrument.

afb 1
Gear Keeper instrument tethers are designed for heavy-duty industrial use with maximum breakage strength and durability.

Workers at retail stores, shipping companies, supermarkets and warehouse operations handle bar code scanners on a regular basis, but while these instruments are critical to inventory and tracking systems they are easily broken when dropped and often misplaced or not available when their needed. However, instrumentation tethers from Gear Keeper can prevent loss and damage while making the devices easier to use.

Like other retractable tethers in the Gear Keeper line, the Magnum series is engineered so that the instrument, application and recoil/retraction force are in balance. When the lanyard is extended for use, only minimal force is necessary thereby avoiding worker fatigue or in the reverse, causing a ”kick” when the instrument is automatically guided back to its stored position.

“Electronic instruments like bar code scanners, GPS systems and portable radios are expensive and because they are hand held they can be easily dropped,” says John Salentine, Vice President and co-founder of Hammerhead Industries, which manufactures Gear Keeper systems. “It not only makes financial sense to secure these types of devices with a tether, but it also makes them easier for your employees to use.”

afb 2
Photo: RT3-4548

The RT3-45XX series (Euro 54.99 each) includes a carabiner to attach to a D-ring or belt loop and a carabiner that attaches to the instrument. The models include; RT3-4548 with a 56 cm reach for instruments up to 1.3 Kg.; RT3-4558 with a 56 cm reach for instruments up to 1.6 kg and RT3-4568 with a 40 cm reach for instruments up to 1.9 Kg.
With millions of systems in use, Gear Keeper devices have a failure rate of less than .001 percent.

The full line of Gear Keeper instrument tethers and accessories are available on the s website at www.avera.eu or www.gearkeeper.eu


Gear Keeper® Modular Wrist Lanyard Systems For Small Hand Tools Offers Many Tethering Options.
Gear Keeper’s new retractable and non-retractable wrist lanyard systems for tools up to 2.5 Kg. are particularly valuable when a short drop length is critical or when climbing or working in close quarters. Productivity is increased by the company’s patented Quick Q/C and Q/C-II Connect tool attachment connectors that permit secure, fast and easy connection / disconnection of tools. Users can change out and use many tools with just one lanyard by fitting additional male connectors to all tools being used and merely unclick one tool and attach another.
The modularity of Gear Keeper tethering system offers the flexibility needed to safely and specifically match the tool, worker and application. Unlike an ‘off-the-shelf’ lanyard, which can actually become a safety hazard, all Gear Keeper tethering systems insure dependable safety and quality by the company’s stringent quality control systems. QA includes dynamic and static testing, drop load testing with up to a 100% safety margin and cycle testing for safe productive use and long-life.
Two Gear Keeper wrist lanyards that are among the popular choices of safety engineers are the model TL1-2006 Retractable Wrist Lanyard for tools up to 0,5 Kg and the non-retractable model #TL1-2007 Deluxe Wrist Lanyard for tools up to 2,5 Kg. Both types offer Velcro wrist straps and are available in high visibility safety orange with serial numbers to satisfy traceability standards.


The TL1-2006 Retractable Wrist Tether offers a 100cm extension and comes complete with the model #ACO-0926 Q/C II Elastic Lanyard Connector. Suggested retail for the TL1-2006 Retractable Wrist Lanyard is € 32,49. Additional connector accessories include a 7,5 cm Load Bearing Aluminum Carabiner model #3-0069-03 – € 2,79, and extra male Q/C II elastic lanyard connectors model #ACO-0926 are € 4,99 each.


The TL1-2007 Deluxe Wrist Lanyard (non-retractable) comes complete with the model #ACO-0206 a 33 cm Nylon Lanyard connector. Suggested retail for the TL1-2007 Deluxe Wrist Lanyard is € 16,49.

Accessories include a 7,5 cm Load Bearing Aluminum Carabiner model #3-0069-03 – € 2,79, and 15 cm and 33 cm lanyard nylon connectors for € 4,99 (15 cm reach) and  € 5,99 (33 cm reach).


When Selecting Tool Tethers, Shock Loads Are A Significant Concern For Worker Safety.
Three new Gear Keeper Super Coil™ tethering systems for anchoring tools up to 11 Kg.

Tethering heavy tools, generally over 5 Kg, is a significant safety concern.
A dropped 11 Kg tool that is tethered will have a shock load exceeding 150 Kg.
If tethered to a person, it is more than enough to dislodge the worker from his perch. The new, heavy-duty 2,5 cm (1”) Super Coil Anchored Tethering System is easily attached (anchored) to a fixed structure such as high-rise bucket or scaffolding. Anchoring the tether transfers the shock load produced by a dropped tool from the worker to the structure.

Designed for heavy tools and instruments up to 11 Kg, Hammerhead Industries, manufacturers of Gear Keeper industrial tool tethering systems, has announced three new 2,5 cm (1”) Super Coil anchored tool tethering systems.
Each of the new anchored tethers is intended for attachment to a fixed structure rather than to a person. Engineered to avoid or minimize entanglement, the three new 2,5 cm (1”) Super Coil Anchored Tethering Systems boast a short retracted length 104 cm.

Each of the Super Coil Tethering Systems provides an ample working radius for applications requiring tools like power drills, nail guns, power drivers and other heavier weight tools. The Super Coil’s inner coil system is fully enclosed in rugged nylon orange webbing that increases the tether’s overall strength and durability even under tough on-the-job conditions. The new Gear Keeper models are produced in high visibility orange color and feature a tag that shows the weight of the tool appropriate for the tether as well as traceability info such has date manufactured.

To suit a variety of tethering needs, the ‘Anchored’ tethers are available in three configurations. Options include a choice of drop lengths, and working area dimensions; Non-conductive stainless steel carbineers for tools with attachment points and a fixed loop attachment strap for tools that don’t – for example, when a large handled tool such as a chain saw needs tethering, the worker simply slip-knots the ‘fixed loop’ over the handle.
The model TL1-4025 is a flexible, low profile coil system that provides a 3 meter working radius for tools like power drills, nail guns, power drivers and other heavier weight tools.

For tools that have attachment points, the Model TL1-4021 (€ 46,99) has two stainless steel carabiners for attaching to the tool and the structure and provides a 3 meter working area; For tools that don’t have a suitable attachment point, the Model TL1-4025 (€ 42,99) with one stainless steel carabiner for attachment to the structure and a fixed loop for easy attachment to virtually any tool and also provides a 3 meter working area; For shorter drop lengths, the Model TL1-4026 (€ 39,99) with one stainless steel carabiner for attachment to the structure and a fixed loop for easy attachment to the tool; this model provides a 180 cm working area. The company offers bulk discounts for 50 or more units.

“All Gear Keeper tool tether ratings are load tested with up to a 100% safety margin, beyond the break point, to safely handle the shock load,” said John Salentine, VP of Hammerhead Industries. “Tool tethering is a site safety issue and safety starts with the proper mating of the tool, tether and application to ensure productivity and safety in the work environment.”