Sometimes you cannot help but wonder “how can they make it for this price?”. This is what I experienced when I noted the end user price of the M8 Receiver. For less than € 30  you buy a receiver for CB/27MHz, Air Band, Marine Band and more. Incredible.
Thanks to our friends in Asia it is possible.
Of course the looks and some specs could be better and batteries (AA) are not included, but it does enable you to listen to a lot of communications for a low budget price.

2812kop 1280x288 eventbrite multi
This multi-band receiver is an ideal entry level radio for listening to Airband, Public Services, Marine Band and CB Radio Frequencies as well as TV Audio & FM Transmissions.
The Frequency Range is 54-176MHz and CB/27MHz 80 Channels.
Features include separate squelch & volume controls, earphone jack socket, 3-position waveband selector, retractable aerial, a large clear display and a LED power indicator.
This radio can be powered by either a 6VDC power supply or with 4 x AA batteries (both not included).

* CB – FM, Air, PB, Marine, WB Bands.
* High Sensitivity.
* Telescopic Antenna.
* Carrying Strap.
* Earphone Jack.
* DC Jack.
* DC 6V (UM3 x 4 Batteries) not included.

* Frequency: 54-176 MHz (with gaps)
* Range: Air 108-145 MHz
* PB 145-176 MHz
* WB 162.5 MHz
* TV1 54-87 MHz
* FM 88-108 MHz
* CB 1-80 Channels
* Antenna length: 300 mm
* Output power: 500 mW
* Loud speaker: 7,5 cm (3 inch) 4 Ohms
* Power: 4 X AA (not included)
* Dimensions: 220 X 100 X 50 mm

1 Pc of Receiver.
1 Pc of Fixed Carrying Strap.
1 Pc of User Manual English.