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Komunica NC-PRO-QD

The brand ‘Komunica’ is known for the wide range of Antennas and Audio Accessories. Recently they introduced a very special audio accessory the NC-PRO-QD.

Komunica NC-PRO-QD on mannequin

It is a headset to be used in combination with a two way radio system. This is professional and robust headset with noise cancelling system and is ideal in very noise environments even when a helmet is needed.

Padded Ear Cup for Maximum Comfort

The earphone has padded ear cups, type gel, for maximum comfort, which provide maximum attenuation of ambient noise.

Boom Microphone with Noise Cancellation

The microphone is a Gooseneck Boom Type with Noise Cancellation. This headsets is supplied without cable. For several brands and wirings a PTT cable is available. So it is important to choose the correct cable to connect your radio to the headset NC-PRO-QD.

Jack on Earpad to connect the NC-PRO-CAB Cable

Red PTT on Ear Pad

On the left ear pad is a red PTT knob. You still need a cable to connect the headset to your radio. That gives 2 options for transmitting, use the large PTT on the cable or push the button on the ear pad.

• Cable with large round PTT “In-Line” permits you use freely when you wear gloves.

NC-PRO-CAB comes with a large PTT

• Durable and Eco-friendly PU cable with reinforcement.
• Strain relief made from TPE material, soft and strong.

From stock we supply now 3 types of NC-PRO-CAB cables:

NC-PRO-CAB-K is the PTT cable for 2-PIN Kenwood transceivers

NC-PRO-CAB-K = Cable with round big PTT, connection 2-PIN Kenwood
NC-PRO-CAB-ICF1000 = Cable with round big PTT, connection 2-PIN+Screws for ICOM
NC-PRO-CAB-IL = Cable with round big PTT, connection 2-PIN Icom The NC-

2.5 mm Jack on PTT of NC-PRO-CAB for finger PTT

PRO-CAB cables have a 2.5mm jack available for optional Ring-Finger PTT, the PTT-PRO-1. This will allow to use the PTT with just using the small PTT on one of your fingers.

PTT-PRO-1 is a Ring Finger PTT

• Headset for two way radio transceivers
• Boom microphone with noise cancelling, up to at least 20 dB
• Red PTT on ear-cup.
• Flexible microphone type Gooseneck Boom with Noise Cancellation.

NC-PRO-QD can be used when wearing a helmet

• Adjustable upper band and elaborated in fabric, ideal for its integration in work regulation helmet
• Reinforced metal rear band for perfect support and stability depending on each user
• Dual Earmuff with acoustic noise reduction material and comfortable gel ear pads.
• Behind the head metal band with overhead strap, ideal for use with hard hats.

Metal Band with overhead strap

• Designed for use in noisier environments, like airport fields, races, etc.

NC-PRO-QD used in combination with a helmet


May 18-19-20 was the annual Dayton Hamvention 2018 in Xenia, a little village close to Dayton Ohio. Few years ago the show moved from Dayton to Xenia, but the name Dayton Hamvention is so world famous there was no need to change the name. Some people also refer to the name Hamfest, probably that comes from Hamfestival.Photo: Entrance at Dayton HAMVENTION

Dayton Hamvention can be compared to the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen Germany. This year that show will be June 8-9-10.
* On both shows are the famous brands like Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood promoting their HAM products.
* On both shows there are dealers selling the products.
* On both shows there is a flee market where dealers and individuals are present to sell their ‘specials’.
* In Germany all is concentrated in a real convention center with several halls.
* In Dayton it is on the County Fair Grounds. Many cities have such an area, a few small halls, a large outdoor area where all kind of ‘local festivals’ are organized.  From origin it is an area where cattle is sold.
* That the location is not as ‘professional’ as Friedrichshafen is absolute no problem. That is… if there is no rain.

Photo: Dayton is famous for the yearly rain

The big brands and shops are in a few halls and tents that have been put up.
But the majority of the participants is out on the field and on a race track. When it rains it becomes a lot of mud. The organization puts hay on wet muddy parts to keep it a bit in shape, but if it really rains the water is on the fields, the tracks and sometimes even runs through the halls.

Photo: hay to cover the mud

But if the sun is shining the Dayton show is big fun with all the outdoor activities.

I did not count but I am sure that in Dayton more brands are present than in Friedrichshafen. There were many antenna brands that are really unknown in Europe that showed their products. It was impossible to find out for all these brands what was new on the market.
In Friedrichshafen you will find many more HAM clubs from all over the world.

Just a few things we noticed during our visit:

YAESU introduced the new HF set the FTDX101D.

Photo: FTDX101D

But Yaesu also brought 12.000 caps to hand out to visitors. A pretty impressive number.

Photo: 12.000 Yaesu Caps

SCANNERMASTER USA is a major scanner distributor in USA. In their booth we spoke Gommert Buijsen from BUTEL Software.
Avera is the exclusive distributor for the BUTEL software in Europe on CD-ROM, in USA that is Scannermaster.
Photo: Gommert Buijsen

Gommert showed the sample they had from Uniden SDS100, a total new scanner for USA market. The electronic design is totally new. It is technically a bigger difference than when scanners with Xtals were replaced by programmable processor scanners.
Photo: Uniden SDS100 a new scanner for USA market

Avera is talking with Uniden about a SDS100 version for Europe, if there is news we will publish that in this blog, on the Avera website and Avera Facebook page. Check the video about SDS100 we published 2 weeks ago.

Scannermaster also showed a kit based on the Uniden Homepatrol. There is a cabinet/frame with speaker, amplifier and connection options. (Gommert vragen). This is a model that is not available in Europe.
Photo: Uniden Home Patrol – not available for Europe

WHISTLER showed nothing new. But said that 2 new scanners might be coming to the USA market. But it will be a surprise if these are available within 12 months. In USA brands like to introduce something new a very long time before it is actual coming to the market.
Photo: Whistler booth

There was a rumor that this year Butel software might be available for various Whistler models. That might help their sales in USA and Europe.

The field and the race track area is not only a flee market. There are also brands that promote the products from under a simple party tent or from the trunk of a car.
There we met Boris from Bulgaria. He is a HAM, but also an engineer that develops new HF radio’s under brand name Ameco. He showed there prototypes from his  HF kits that will be available soon.














Photo: Ameco projects from Boris

The Dayton Hamvention is always in may. The weather is unpredictable in that period. There was regular rain, but there was also a tropic shower for 4 minutes and after that the sun was shining again.

The show is typical American, it has nearly the same vibes as on a rodeo. Many people, all outdoor, food trucks, friendly people and everyone is enjoying the festival.
But next time I bring my boots and a large umbrella, because there never seems to be a complete 3-day sunny Dayton Hamvention.
Photo: My shoes were ruined

It was my first visit to the Dayton Hamvention and to be honest I loved it.

See also this video with a photo impression of Dayton 2018.



Does the regulator in your radio run hot? Excessive heat from a transistor means the part is undersized for the circuit or that the circuit itself is not very efficient.
Changing the radio’s modulation circuit is impossible. But the solution for this problem is the Palomar MAX-MOD Transistor.

Photo: MAX-MOD transistor including mica insulator

Palomar is a famous old CB brand name from USA. The name is owned and used now by EKL Components, the mother company also for Magnum Radio’s and Motocomm helmet sets.
New in the Palomar program is the MAX-MOD, a special transistor.

The MAX-MOD is a replacement and upgrade PNP transistor for the modulation circuit in most radio’s. The MAX-MOD replaces the common 2SB and TIP parts.
The MAX-MOD works very well in 10M radio’s, including President models.

The MAX-MOD will give the RF section the current it needs and will increase the peak power by and average of 10% or more.
The MAX-MOD has the same lead spacing as the smaller transistors it replaces, making soldering very easy. The MAX-MOD uses a hughe TO-3PL package for improved heat dissipation, and comes with a mica insulator so you do not need to try to find one.
The MAX-MOD is available in single pack and 10-pack for technicians.

Photo: Palomar MAX-MOD Transistor  in single pack

• High Current / High Power PNP Power Transistor (AM Regulator)
• Replaces & Upgrades 2SB688, 2SB754, 2SB817, 2SB827 and other AM
• Regulator Transistors in CB and Amateur Radios
• Supplies Necessary Current Levels for Maximum Modulation
• Most Radios See a 10% Increase in Peak Power Levels
• Runs 40%* Cooler than Stock Regulators
• Massive TO-3PL Package for Improved Heat Dissipation
• Comes with Mica Insulator

Photo: Palomar MAX-MOD Transistor in 10-Pack


The  MAX-MOD Transistor is available from stock at Avera-Distributing.

For a datasheet of Palomar MAX-MOD Transistor click here.









After 45 years in CB it is not easy to be happily surprised. And if I am surprised it is mostly by something ‘simple’. That happened this week again when we got in stock the PW-100 from CG Antenna


Most people use one power supply to operate several radio’s. The DC power leads are fixed to that one power source. And quite often not in the most professional or safe way.
For all these people the PW-100 is a good solution.

Bring 12 VDC from the power supply into the input terminals of PW-100 (left on the photo). Now you have 4 independent 12 VDC sources to connect 4 radio’s or other 12 VDC gear. Each of the four outputs has its own fuse (30A), so very safe to use.

The PW-100 is made by CG Antenna from China. Most HAM operators know this company from the CG3000, a high quality automatic antenna tuner and from the SB2000 MK2 a high quality radio interface.


02The CG3000, automatic antenna tuner

03aSB-2000 K2 Radio Interface

1 Pc of Power Distributor
2 Pairs of Babana Plugs
2 Pairs of Ring Terminal Solder Plugs
1 Pc of Spare Fuse



Using a portable radio is ‘handy’. Using a portable radio with audio accessories like a speaker/mike, headset etc. is even more ‘handy’. Less ‘handy’ are the cables that you need to connect an audio accessory with the portable radio.

Wireless Bluetooth applications are very popular for cell phone use and on (motor)bikes or when skiing. Bluetooth for use in combination with portable radio’s like PMR446 is getting more popular now.

Midland recently introduced 6 new products in their WA (Wireless Accessories) range. Midland’s new “WA” range of Wireless Accessories can be used with any Midland wireless transceiver (fitted with a 2-pin socket). All devices come with a rechargeable lithium battery, with a USB cable for charging.

The WA range includes:

Bluetooth adapter; WA-DONGLE for 2-pin radio’s, including Kenwood. Plug the WA-Dongle into your transceiver and choose from various headsets of the WA range to suit your needs.

There are 2 types of dongles available, for radios with a:
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Standard’ wiring
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Kenwood’ wiring

Bluetooth headsets; WA21/WA31/WA29.
Each headset features a small PTT button. WA headsets can be used with all mobile phones with Bluetooth function.

Wireless PTT; WA-PTT
Combined with a WA-Dongle, it allows you to transmit hands free without having to use the PTT button on the headsets.

Link / Photo / Short Description of the available Wireless Accessories items:


WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Midland 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1199.01 = WA-DONGLE-K

WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Kenwood 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1200 = WA-PTT

BlueTooth, Wireless PTT suitable for WA-DONGLE.

CTE C1201 = WA21

BlueTooth, Ear Hook Earphone, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1202 = WA31
BlueTooth, Pneumatic Earphone with Air Tube, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1203 = WA29

BlueTooth, Behind the Neck Earphone, Boom Microphone, Spiral Wire with In-Line PTT (suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

Schematic use of possibilities of new Midland WA-series:

7With this new Midland WA-series the use of BlueTooth audio accessories is possible for many types of portable radio’s.

All items are available from stock at Avera-Distributing,
Actual pricing on our website, check the links in this Blog.


Under the name POWERBAND, the company PALOMAR in USA sells a line of
4 types of high power replacement final amplifier sections with high performance low pass filter for 10 meter amateur transceivers.

After RFX75 and RFX150 they now introduce the RFX85 and RFX85HD.


RFX75 is an Amplifier, 75 – 100 Watt PEP Output Power, RF Final Output Stage and Low Pass Filter, Designed as a replacement and/or upgrade for most 10 meter amateur transceivers.

The RFX75 is a RF final output stage and low pass filter designed as a replacement and/or upgrade for most 10-meter amateur transceivers.
The RFX75 features the latest Power MOSFET technology and a built in S-meter detection circuit.
The output power of the RFX75 varies depending on the transceiver that it is installed on. Most installations will see 75 – 100 watts PEP output power.


a) The RFX75 replaces the transceiver’s final amplifier stage and low pass filter section.
The RFX75 is NOT a standalone amplifier. The RFX75 mounts to the back of most transceivers with little or no modification to the transceiver’s chassis.

b) Once installed, the transmitted RF signal from the output of the transceiver’s driver stage (or pre-driver stage) is sent to the RFX75 via the coaxial cable marked RF IN.

c) The driver signal is then amplified through the RFX75‘s ERF2030 (FET1) and then again through the ERF7530 (FET2).

d) The amplified signal from the ERF7530 passes through the RFX75’s efficient low pass filter.

e) A small portion of the signal is sampled through C19 and rectified through D3 and D4. This is sent to the S-meter detection circuit in the transceiver through the yellow wire.

f) The final RF output signal of the RFX75 is sent back to the radio through the RF OUT coaxial cable where it is connected with the transceiver’s antenna connector*.

g) The incoming receive signal is sampled from C14 and connected to the receive strip of the transceiver through the RFX75’s coaxial cable marked RX OUT.

* It is possible to attach the RF OUT coax directly to the antenna connector. However, it is recommended to attach it to the transceiver’s PCB because some transceivers come equipped with antenna warning systems, or other circuits, that are on ancillary boards between the recommended connection point and the antenna connector.



RFX85 and RFX85HD

There are now 2 RFX85 Choices: the Standard RFX85 and the New RFX85HD High Drive.

The RFX85 Circuit includes driver stage, final amplifer stage and low pass filter. The RFX85 is your choice for 10 meter radio repairs and upgrades that require replacing the radio’s driver and final amplification stages.

The RFX85HD circuit includes only the final amplifier stage and low pass filter which makes for a much quicker and easier installation.

The RFX85HD is your choice for 10 meter radio repairs and upgrades when all your replacing is the final transistor or no transistors.

Both RFX85 units feature the new fan-ready heatsink design and variable bias controls for better tuning on SSB radio installations.


– Maximum Output: 100 Watts PEP.
– Drive Stage: ERF2030 MOSFET (x1).
– Final Stage: ERF7530 MOSFET (x1).
– Low Pass Filter: 3 Stage.
– Spurious Emission Suppression: 45 dB.
– Supply Voltage: 13.8 VDC.
– Power Consumption: 12 Amps Max.
– Dimensions: 5.1 x 8.3 x 4.2 cm (LxWxH).
– Weight: 235 gram.


– Maximum Input: 30 Watts PEP.
– Maximum Ouput: 100 Watts PEP.
– Final Stage: ERF7530 MOSFET (x1).
– Low Pass Filter: 3 Stage.
– Spurious Emission Suppression: 45 dB.
– Supply Voltage: 13.8 VDC.
– Power Consumption: 12 Amps Max.
– Dimensions: 5.1 x 8.3 x 4.2 cm (LxWxH).
– Weight: 235 gram.

It is necessarily to have good technical knowledge to install RFX types.
In USA these amplifiers are very popular and on the internet you can find many videos and reviews.
That might help to be prepared when installing the first RFX.

Here are some links, but many more can be found:

For many radios the installation instructions have been published on the following website:


All 4 models are available at Avera Distributing


Midland p/n C1170

New in the Avera stock is the Midland CT890. This is the info that Midland is supplying to the market:


CT890 is the brand new multifunction amateur radio, dual band version operating in VHF/UHF.

Realized with the latest technology, CT890 is an excellent and reliable transceiver to use in professional situations or sport events.

Its robust mechanical frame and the aluminum chassis allow you to operate even in harsh environments.

CT890 is an innovative radio in the amateur field that combines new functions such as:

Full Duplex (you can transmit and receive at the same time), Repeater function (the radio is a sort of repeater: it can transmit what has received from another band – VHF →UHF or vice‐versa).

Up to 999 memory channels.

CT890 is equipped with a wide colorful LCD display to show you all the functions activated, with a very high efficiency Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh and with FM radio receiver.

CT890 has a practical alphanumerical keypad to set channels, frequency and all the main functions.

The flexible antenna, common to all Midland CT series, allows you to easily wear the radio even on a belt.

The radio is programmable thanks to the optional programming software PRG‐10, useful to manage and set some functions such as number of channels, etc .

COMPLYING TO CE/99/05CT890 Front View

COLOR: Black

What’s in the box
• 1 CT890 transceiver
• 1 flexible antenna
• 1 belt clip
• 1 Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh
• 1 desktop charger with USB cable
• Quick guide

Main features

• VHF and UHF frequency bands displayed
• Operating modes: UHF‐VHF, UHF‐UHF, VHF‐VHF
• Output power: VHF: 5W / UHF: 4W
• Frequency: VHF: 144‐146MHz / UHF: 430‐440MHz
• Full Duplex
• Repeater function
• 999 memory channels
• Wide colorful LCD display
• Very high efficiency Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh
• 105 +105 (I/N) DCS codes
• Emergency function
• Scan + priority Scan + group Scan
• Flashlight
• High/low power selection
• TOT function (time out timer)
• Channel spacing 25 kHz/12,5 kHz
• VOX function / Roger Beep
• ‘VOICE’ function
• The display can show: channel number, frequency, channel number + frequency, or channel name
• Inverted frequency function
• Frequency steps: 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz, 37kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz.
• Frequency offset
• Shift repeater
• ‘Busy channel lockout’ function
• TX signal strength on the display
• Low battery vocal and display indication
• Keypad lock
• Scan of frequencies with CTCSS/DCS
• Channel/functions reset
• 1750 tone for repeaters
• Cloning function with optional cable cod. R73727
• External speaker/mike jack: Kenwood type

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

As optional accessory, the Li‐Ion battery pack 2600mAh model PB890, cod. C1172 is available.


The first show I visited in Hong Kong was the China Sourcing Show. Read my former blog about this show. The second show I visited last month was the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. This trade show is much larger than the first one. It will take you 2 days just to walk along all the booths.

1Entrance of Hong Kong Electronics Fair


The show is larger but also quite similar to the first show. Again we saw lots of headphones, selfie sticks/mono pods, action cameras, power banks, key boards and tablets.
But this show also has many more suppliers of coax, inverters, portable radios and even some CB manufacturers.


I wrote already about the many brands that copy other brands and here we saw it again. But this time there were many more manufacturers from portable radios like PMR446, 2m/70cm VHF/UHF and HAM. The result was a lot of the same. After visiting 10 booths with portable radios I did not bother to much anymore about checking all the others. Some brands we know in Europe and some we had never heard of and are not available in the western world.

2Wouxun HAM radio with power supply

3Wouxun Portable radios

4OEM manufacturer for portable radios


Uniden is the only large manufacturer that brings CB radios on the market using their own name. They were not present with a booth, but we saw some traders offering this brand.

5Uniden PMR446

The factories that were displaying CB radios at the show are not known by CB users by name. But the brands they produce for third parties are well known in Europe. In the European market we never see a brand like Yosun, but in Asia live much more people than in Europe. There is a big market for radios in that area too. But Yosun is also producing for Albrecht and Lafayette.

6Unknown factory making well-known brands


Personally I was a little disappointed about the number of companies showing accessories. A lot of portable radios, coax, connectors, inverters but CB accessories were hard tofind.

One booth showed antennas that were copies of President, Sirio and USA type of antennas.

7Antenna models from President, Sirio and others.


It was a nice surprise to see that Midland had a booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Also in USA at CES they are always present to show the latest items they sell.

8Midland present at Hong Kong Electronics fair

Midland has a large range of action cameras. In Hong Kong two brand new CAR CAMCORDERS were showed. One regular model and one with GPS included. Great small cameras for in your car to record all that is happening in front of you. A 5 cm display shows what is recorded. Soon these two cameras will be available from Avera!
Watch for the Street Guardian and Street Guard GPS!

9Midland Street Guardian, Car Camcorder


Visiting these two shows was quite interesting. Mostly because it was my first visit to the Far East. Trade shows all over the world are quite similar. You also often meet the same people, but what else to expect in our consumer communication branch. It is a small world!

In January it is time again to visit the CES in Las Vegas. And you know: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas !”

But… I promise you all, I will write about the Consumer Electronics Show so you know what was happening there.


CT510 is the brand new Dual band UHF/VHF realized with the latest technology in the radio-communication field.Its design and robust frame with the aluminum CT510 Phot Front V2die cast chassis make of CT510 the ideal solution for the professionals who need to stay in touch with colleagues in construction sites, buildings, trade fairs, sport exhibitions, etc.
Extremely compact, to easily wear it, it is only 9,5 cm high and has a thickness of only 2,5 cm.
CT510 is equipped with an alphanumerical keypad, useful to set channels, frequencies and all the main functions.

The new flexible antenna, common to all the CT Midland range, allows to easily wear the radio on a belt.
The display shows the dual band of use or, at your choice, one of the following options:
– Channel number
– Frequency band
– Channel number and relevant frequency
– Channel name
The radio is also equipped with FM radio receiver.
It is also available, as optional accessory, the programming kit PRG-510


COLOR: black

• CT510 transceiver
• Flexible antenna
• Li-Ion battery pack 1300mAh
• Belt clip
• Desktop charger with wall adaptor
• User manual


• Dual band (VHF/UHF) displayed
• Frequency band:144-146MHz & 430-440MHz (Rx / Tx)
• Operating mode: UHF-VHF, VHF-VHF or UHF-UHF
• Output power: 2W VHF /2W UHF
• 128 channels to store
• VOX function
• 162 DCS codes and 39 CTCSS tones
• ‘VOICE’ function
• SOS emergency function
• Channel spacing selectable between 25kHz and 12,5 kHz
• The display can show at your choice: channel number, frequency, channel number + frequency or channel name
• Inverted frequency function
• Scan
• FM radio receiver
• Frequency step: 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz, 37kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz.
• Tx power selectable: high (2W)or low (500mW)
• Li-Ion battery pack 1300mAh
• Desktop charger (for battery pack only)
• Frequency offset: 0-69.950 MHz
• Shift repeater
• Busy channel lockout (BCLO) function
• TX signal strength shown in the display
• Vocal and visual indication of low battery level
• Roger Beep tone at the beginning/end transmission
• TOT (Time out timer) function
• Keypad lock
• Scan of frequencies with CTCSS/DCS
• Channel and function reset
• 1750 tone for repeaters
• External speaker/mike jack: 1 Pin 2,5mm (like MIDLAND 777, to be confirmed)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.