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Photo: New DIGIMIKE from President

Since many years President is producing CB radio’s with electret microphones and a standard 6-Pin connector. Big advantage is that all modern President 6-Pin electret microphones can be used on all President CB radio models.
Electret micro elements need a voltage to function and in the President system this voltage comes direct from the radio. One of the 6-pins brings the power from the CB to the microphone.
That is why you do not need a battery in this NOISE CANCELLING microphone, the DIGIMIKE


Photo: Front view of DIGIMIKE

The DIGIMIKE is on the market since some time now and the users love the quality. One of them told us that he used the DIGIMIKE in the car with the radio on a good volume. With maximum noise reduction the music from the song on the radio was gone, but some of the voice was still there !

This basicly describes what the microphone is doing: the sound from te surroundings, not being human voice, is filtered away. That makes that your voice is heard a lot better by the other stations listening to you.

Photo: Top view of the DIGIMIKE

The DIGIMIKE is user friendly. Unpack the micro and plug it in your President 6-Pin CB radio. Very old models may have a 6-Pin dynamic microphone and in that case the DIGIMIKE makes no sense.
On the top of micro you can change channels up or down and most important you can set the NRC level. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Circuit (same as NOISE CANCELLING). There are 5 levels , test with listeners wat they like best and you are ready to go.


Noise Reduction Microphone
• NRC = Noise Reduction Circuit
• 5 NRC Levels
• Up/Down Function
 Type:  Electret
• Connector: P6, President Wiring
• Packing: Box

You want to read the user manual first, check this link for DIGIMIKE USER MANUAL .


It is the President DIGIMIKE, but if you have a CB from an other brand , that has a 6-Pin electret microphone and same wiring you can use the DIGIMIKE on that radio too.


The company JNC from China introduced a new HF antenna that is great when you are camping, travelling or enjoying outdoor living. Avera has this item available from stock.

Photo: Product in Carry Case

JNC Radio MC-750 is an antenna kit that supports 40-6 meter bands, while operating a maximum power of 100 watts PEP. With a carry bag with dimensions 65 x 9 x 7 cm and a weight of 1.8 kg, it can be easily packed to travel around.
MC-750 operates as 1/4 wavelength full size antenna on 14 MHz – 50 MHz.
For 7 MHz operation, the supplied 7 MHz coil is needed.
MC-750 antenna base has counterpoise holes for radials.
You just need to plug in the supplied counterpoise wires to these holes.

Photo: Counterpoise Leads (Radials)

• TELESCOPIC Antenna HF Portable (Base – Mobile) 
• Frequency Range: 7 – 50 MHz
• Systems:  6M, 10M, 20M, 40M HAM Bands
• Antenna Type: Omni-Directional, Telescopic
• Mounting Type: Ground Rod to put in earth
• Antenna Whip: Aluminum
• Radials: 4 Pcs Banana Radials, Length 350 cm.
• Total Length: Approx 520 cm
• Max Power: 100 Watt (SSB)
• Connector: UHF-Female
• Packing: Carry Case

Photo: Content of Packing

The antenna comes in a handy carry bag and includes:
1 Pc of Ground Rod (Antenna Base Attached)
1 Pc of  7 MHz Coil
1 Pc of 50 cm Antenna Arm
1 Pc of 5.2 meter Telescopic  Whip
4 Pcs of Counterpoise Wires (radials)
1 Pc of Wire Collector Board

Photo: Connection of Sections

Since the introduction of JNC MC-750, many articles have been written and many video’s have been published on YouTube.

Check the JNC website for information on MC-750.