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Using a portable radio is ‘handy’. Using a portable radio with audio accessories like a speaker/mike, headset etc. is even more ‘handy’. Less ‘handy’ are the cables that you need to connect an audio accessory with the portable radio.

Wireless Bluetooth applications are very popular for cell phone use and on (motor)bikes or when skiing. Bluetooth for use in combination with portable radio’s like PMR446 is getting more popular now.

Midland recently introduced 6 new products in their WA (Wireless Accessories) range. Midland’s new “WA” range of Wireless Accessories can be used with any Midland wireless transceiver (fitted with a 2-pin socket). All devices come with a rechargeable lithium battery, with a USB cable for charging.

The WA range includes:

Bluetooth adapter; WA-DONGLE for 2-pin radio’s, including Kenwood. Plug the WA-Dongle into your transceiver and choose from various headsets of the WA range to suit your needs.

There are 2 types of dongles available, for radios with a:
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Standard’ wiring
• 2-Pin Audio accessory jack with ‘Kenwood’ wiring

Bluetooth headsets; WA21/WA31/WA29.
Each headset features a small PTT button. WA headsets can be used with all mobile phones with Bluetooth function.

Wireless PTT; WA-PTT
Combined with a WA-Dongle, it allows you to transmit hands free without having to use the PTT button on the headsets.

Link / Photo / Short Description of the available Wireless Accessories items:


WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Midland 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1199.01 = WA-DONGLE-K

WA-Dongle, Bluetooth Adapter suitable for Kenwood 2-Pin Transceivers.

CTE C1200 = WA-PTT

BlueTooth, Wireless PTT suitable for WA-DONGLE.

CTE C1201 = WA21

BlueTooth, Ear Hook Earphone, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1202 = WA31
BlueTooth, Pneumatic Earphone with Air Tube, In-Line Clip Microphone, In-Line PTT (Suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

CTE C1203 = WA29

BlueTooth, Behind the Neck Earphone, Boom Microphone, Spiral Wire with In-Line PTT (suitable for WA-Dongle) and Control Box with Clip.

Schematic use of possibilities of new Midland WA-series:

7With this new Midland WA-series the use of BlueTooth audio accessories is possible for many types of portable radio’s.

All items are available from stock at Avera-Distributing,
Actual pricing on our website, check the links in this Blog.


1Hard case mounted on handlebar of motor bike

Over a year ago Midland introduced 9 motorbike holders for smart phone or GPS. Now Midland added 2 more versions, one for iPhone-6 and one for iPhone-6Plus.

Read what Midland has to say about these items:

“Starting from today fixing your smartphone or your GPS on the handlebar of your ‘two wheels’ won’t be a problem anymore!

Midland introduces a new complete line of water resistant holders to protect your devices – your travelling companions! – from rain, mud and dust.

Either you have a GPS or a smartphone it doesn’t matter: Midland places at your disposal 11 different models!

All these models are supplied with a water resistant holder and two different fixing systems for tubular and non-tubular handlebars included in the packaging.

The only universal fixing systems on the market!

The holders are made of sturdy material and the wide display is touch screen, to allow the use of your devices during your ridings and in any weather condition!

Untitled-5handlebar mounting kit

Their installation on the handlebar is very simple thanks to the supplied adjustable bracket that can be rotated 360°, so that the screen is always at your visual angle”.

• Water Resistant Touchscreen Holder
• Adjustable, rotating up to 360 degrees
• For all kind of Handlebars, 2 different brackets
o One for tubular
o One for non-tubular handlebars
• Shock resistant
• Touch Screen
• Recharge while Using

On the Avera website you can find these 11 types of motorbike holders:

MK-GPS35 for GPS of 8,9 cm (3.5 inch)
MK-GPS43 for GPS of 10,9 cm (4.3 inch)
MK-GPS550 for GPS of 12,7 cm (5 inch) 
MK-GPS6 for GPS 15,2 cm (6 inch) 
MK-SMARTPHONE for universal applications 

For those riding any kind of (motor)bike these holders can be a valuable protection of their GPS or smartphone.


In the past each country had his own Post and Telegraph Service. These were owned and operated by the government. Around the 1990’s the private cell phone networks were build and most of the Post and Telecom agencies were privatised.
All these buildings had large antennas on the roof to transmit messages all over the world. At first it were only wireless morse and telegram communication antennas. Later on there were also commercial communication services and radio monitor services that needed antennas.


Last week I visited Palermo on the Italian island Sicily. Walking through the center of this city I saw the imposing Post and Telegraph building with some nice antennas on the roof. In the first part of the 1900’s in all European countries this kind of big buildings were constructed to house the telecom services.
All of them with lots of antennas on the roof.



There was a big ground plane antenna, no idea for what frequency.


Most interesting to see was this directional type antenna on a rotor.


This looks like a more common antenna for higher frequencies, probably WLAN or WIFI.
It would have been great to enter the building, visit the roof and have a specialist tell me for what frequencies exactly these antennas are used.
The Post and Telecom buildings slowly disappear as new services took over the old ones. The antennas for the new services get smaller as the frequencies get higher. But the amount of antennas for wireless services all over the world is growing rapidly. The number of masts with many antennas for the different operators and many services is still growing.
So even when the old buildings with antennas disappear, there still will be a lot to see when you look in the air.
And if you by chance know the frequencies of the antennas on the photo’s, feel free to let us know.


A cigarette lighter plug (CLP) socket supplying 12VDC for accessories is common in most cars. But many motor bikes do not have a cigarette lighter socket.
Or there are brands like BMW that use a ‘DIN’ type CLP socket instead of the ‘general used’ type.

Midland is introducing now 5 solutions for motor bikes and other vehicles. Easy if you have accessories with a regular cigarette lighter plug or if the accessories need USB slots to be used or charged.

MP-2USB – code C1193

12 Volt adaptor suitable for BMW motorbikes with DIN connector and dual USB port, able to recharge/power two devices with USB connection at the same time. The waterproof cap
protects the ports when they are not used.
Input 12VDC
Output 5VDC / 2A

02 tot
MP-ADAPTER-code C1194

12V Adapter suitable for BMW motor bikes with DIN connector and cigarette lighter plug.

03 tot
MP-H 2USB-code C1195

Universal power supply kit with handlebar support and dual USB port to recharge/power two devices at the same time. It is supplied with a waterproof cap to cover the ports when they are not used. Through the supplied 120 cm cable, MP-H 2USB can be connected directly to the motor bike battery.
Output 5V/2A.

MP-H SOCKET-code C1196

Universal power supply kit with handlebar support and cigarette lighter plug.
It is equipped with 10A fuse and 150 cm cable that allows the direct connection to the battery of the motorbike.
The waterproof cap protects the plug if MP-H SOCKET is not used.

MP-W ADAPTER-code C1197

Adapter compatible with BMW motorbikes, with cigarette lighter/DIN plug.
It is equipped with a waterproof cap that covers the plug if it is not used.
Input 12VDC
Output 12VDC





If you travel in USA and in Far East it is quite common that at check in you are asked “do you carry a power bank in your luggage sir?”

Airlines do not like Power Banks. For those who do not know what a power bank is: It is a battery!

The modern battery technics make it possible to store a lot of energy in a battery. There are all kind of Lithium based batteries, most famous is Lithium-Ion. A lot of power, small seize and low in weight. That is exactly what people need now a days for their smart phones and other electronic devices.

By law airlines can carry only a certain number of kilos of these batteries. If this kind of battery is damaged it might cause a fire. If not packed carefully in your suitcase and hit by a second suitcase it is possible the power bank is damaged.

Too many of these batteries can cause a huge fire that might destroy a plane. Safety comes first for airlines so they might stop your power bank from boarding or ask you to pack it correctly before entering the plane.


The first power banks were basically backup batteries for your electronic devices. Empty phone? – connect to a power bank and recharge!

Now a days the power banks have lots more power. Even so much that you can start your car with a modern power bank. Some can deliver 200 Ampere and even 400 Ampere as a peak current!!


Recently Midland introduced their ENERJUMP. The dimensions are just 131 x 75 x 25 mm. It can be used to charge electronic equipment, it can be used as a flashlight and and it can be used to start a car when the car battery is empty.

Read what the Midland people say about the new product.


Enerjump Photo


If the battery of your vehicle or electronic device goes dead, you have a new equipment to face up the emergency! Nowadays we can no longer do without a reserve of energy for all our electronic devices that we daily bring with us.

ENERJUMP is a powerful powerbank with USB port, able to recharge several times all portable electronic devices ‐ such as smartphones, tablets, BT Intercom equipment, XTC action cameras , mp3… every where and without the need of a main socket.
It completely recharges your i-Phone up to 3 times!

Enerjump charging phoneEnerjump charging a phone

But the extraordinariness of Enerjump is the capability to jump‐start your battery without the need of another vehicle!

No matter if it’s about your car, motorbike, quad or camping van, you don’t have to ask for help to anybody, anymore!

Despite its reduced size and thanks to its 12V output with a high peak current, ENERJUMP has enough power to jump start your vehicle when the battery is dead.
Just connect the jumper cables and its clamps (red +/ black ‐ ) supplied in the packaging to the vehicle’s battery, turn on Enerjump and start your car!

Enerjump used to jumpstart a carEnerjump in action to jumpstart a car

ENERJUMP is also equipped with a powerful built‐in Led flashlight, able to light up SOS emergency signalling (intermittent flash) .
Enerjump Flashlight FunctionEnerjump used as flashlight

The 5‐led charge indicator clearly shows you the charge level.
ENERJUMP is ideal for everyday use or roadside emergencies; so remember to take it always with you, in your daily activities or adventures!


‐ Enerjump
‐ Jumper cables with clamps
‐ 12V car charger
‐ Wall charger
‐ USB to micro cable
‐ User manual

Enerjump Packing IncludesContent of packing


‐ Nominal capacity: 8000mAh
‐ Input: 12/14V ‐ 1A
‐ Output: 5V ‐ 2A
‐ Car starter: 12V
‐ Starting current: 200A
‐ Peak current: 400A
‐ Weight: 300g
‐ Dimensions: 131 x 75 x 25mm


I must admit I love this product. It comes in a handy carry case, it has so many possibilities and it gives you a more safe feeling.

But there are also some remarks to make. At cold weather (more than minus 5ºC) it is not advised to leave the Enerjump in your car. But that are also the best nights to charge the Enerjump to make sure you have power.

Second remark is that I did not find out yet what is the self-discharge of this item. The used Lithium-Cobalt battery has low self-discharge, but it also depends on local temperatures and charging disciplines.
If you need power it and you have it: “GREAT!”
But if you need power and the Enerjump is empty it is: “GRRR”

And while I start charging my Enerjump you can watch a funny video from Midland Italy about this product.

Detailed information about this product on the Avera website: ENERJUMP


Now a days more and more electronic equipment can be charged through a USB cable/USB slot. New cars often have a USB slot or you can buy a product like MS431USB.

The photo above shows the MS431USB. It is a 4-way 12 Volt Mutli Purpose Adapter. It turns ONE cigarette lighter socket in to TWO cigarette lighter sockets plus TWO USB slots.


Most motor bikes do not have a USB slot or cigarette lighter plug. For those motor bikes Albrecht comes with the 73700.


Albrecht 73700 comes as a complete set

It is easy to install this double USB slot to the 12 VDC battery of your motor cycle.  After installation you can easily charge your smartphone, digital camera, blue tooth communication or other electronic device through the USB slot.


Detail of Albrecht 73700, it can be mounted to the steer of a motor cycle.

Installation instructions for Albrecht 73700, Dual USB Power Supply.

The 73700 is packed in a nice blister. It can be sold through a motor cycle shop but also through a communication shop selling Blue Tooth applications for motor bike riders.


Bluetooth Intercom System for every outdoor activity

1 echt

Midland introduces a new solution designed for sport lovers

BT SKI ACTION is an Intercom system conceived for every outdoor activity; it is suitable for leisure users who want to enjoy the Bluetooth communications or music while practicing their favorite sports.
BT SKI ACTION is provided with the small and practical Bluetooth device BT SKI ACTION and two different kits included in the packaging that allow to wear the BT SKI ACTION as you want, with or without the helmet.
It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer time, just wear it and go!

2 en 3 samen
With Midland BT SKI ACTION you can talk in intercom mode with another Bluetooth device up to a max distance of 200mt; besides you can answer your mobile phone using the voice activation, without any distractions or having to stop.
Besides, Midland BT SKI ACTION is fitted with a plug that enables it to be wired to an iPod/MP3 player and/or to a PMR446 transceiver allowing communications amongst various users (using the optional PMR446 cable).
This is perfect for group teaching!
Thanks to the supplied ‘Universal helmet kit’ you can wear your BT SKI ACTION with both rigid and semi-rigid ski helmets: it is provided with a practical audio kit composed of two ultra-flat high performance stereo speakers and one microphone with boom. BT SKI will be placed outside the helmet using the functional Velcro band or mounted on the bi-adhesive clamp on the rigid surface of the helmet.

4 en 5 samen
The supplied ‘Action kit’ – composed of an earphone and boom mike – is the ideal solution for all those sport activities that do not require the use of helmet or for helmets for summer sports.

6 echt

  • Bluetooth version: 2.0 stereo (Headset/Handsfree/A2DP protocol)
  • AGC system automatically controls the volume in relation to background noise
  • Voice (VOX) or manual activation of the communication
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth connection to answer calls and listen to the music
  • Manual controls to enable the main controls of the mobile phone, intercom and wire connection
  • Waterproof/snowproof
  • Intercom: max coverage up to 200mt
  • Wired audio connection to iPod/mp3 or to PMR446 transceivers (optional cable 1 and 2 pin)


Single Version code: C928.10

  • 1 BT SKI ACTION device
  • 1 “Universal helmet kit” composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 1 “Action kit” composed of mono-earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 1 AUX audio cable
  • 1 USB power supply cable

Twin version code: C928.11

  • 2 BT SKI ACTION devices
  • 2 “Universal helmet kits”; each one is composed of two stereo speakers and 1 integrated microphone with boom, velcro band and bi-adhesive clamp to fix the unit onto the helmet
  • 2 “Action kits”; each one is composed of earphone, rotating clip and Velcro band
  • 2 AUX audio cables
  • 2 USB power supply cables


  • BT Moto Audio Kit cod. C933 Stereo headset with 2 microphones ( 1 with a bracket and 1 wired) and two installation brackets (1 bi-adhesive plate and 1 clamp). This kit allows you to use your BT SKI on the bike as a BT CITY/BT EVA.
  • Kit 165 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 2 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS300U) for Midland G6, G7 series, G8, G9).
  • Kit 129 with PTT to connect your BT SKI to a 1 PIN transceiver (BT312+BHS301) for Midland 777, Midland G5 e G5 XT.
  • EMERGENCY CHARGER code C920 portable charger for BT line.


Butel Software, established in 1999 by Gommert Buijsen, is the leading manufacturer for scanner software in the world.
They produce software for Uniden-Bearcat models in Europe and USA, but also for brands like AOR, ICOM and others.

Avera is distributor of the complete range of scanner software made by Butel Software from The Netherlands.

Let us have a look at one of the most popular software programs sold now-a-days, the ARC125.

ARC125: The programming software for the (U)BC125 XLT scanners.

The UBC125XLT is a nice and compact scanner that can store up to 500 memory channels. To make it easy to program the 500 memories the ARC125 programming software was developed by Butel Software.

ARC125 has a very friendly spreadsheet like user interface. This makes it very easy to program new frequencies in the UBC125XLT scanner.

You can easily cut/copy/paste data. You can also import frequency data from any website using the intelligent ‘Paste frequencies’ option.

Channels can be inserted, deleted and sorted using the menu options. But you can also easily swap/copy/move entire banks.
You can store an unlimited number of frequency files.
Uploading to the scanner is fast and smooth using the USB port.

ARC125 comes with a driver for the European UBC125XLT and the US version BC125XLT. After installing the driver, ARC125 will automatically detect the (U)BC125 scanner. ARC125 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.