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Untitled-1We like to share a BLOG from GearKeeper.

Ergonomically constructed personal tool tethers are the key to maximizing worker productivity, convenience, safety and compliance. For heavy tools up to 11,3 Kg (25 pounds), Gear Keeper’s ergonomic anchored tool tether series is unique because it has been designed with a low-force polyurethane elastic core that has a 1:3 stretch factor (i.e. 90 cm (3’) relaxed – 270 cm (9’) extended. As a result, the new Gear Keeper polyurethane elastic core tethers have the shortest retracted length combined with the longest extension length offering significantly more stretch and retraction than competitive bungee-type core tethers.

The ability of Gear Keeper’s polyurethane elastic to retract to one-third of its extended length is a compelling safety advantage. The reduced length helps to avoid entanglement issues when climbing or working in close quarters. Additionally, to protect against dangerous ‘drop shock’, the new Gear Keeper heavy-tool tethers are load tested with a built-in safety margin beyond the breaking point.

Both of Gear Keeper’s new TL1-4021 and the TL1-4025 anchored tethers, with their polyurethane elastic cores, employ a very low stretch force. This minimizes arm fatigue at full extension, while still providing the proper degree of comfortable recoil. Employees will find their work more convenient and will appreciate the significant reduction in arm-stress. The ultimate result will be higher employee compliance with your tethering program.

The model TL1-4021 (€ 46,99) specifications include 2,54 cm (1”) tether webbing and two stainless steel carabiners load rated above 500 kgs (1100 + lbs.) with gates that do not hang up from a side load. It has a retracted length of 104 cm (41”) and extended length of 300 cm (118”).

The model TL-4025 (€ 42,99) specifications also includes a 2,54 cm (1”) tether webbing but has one stainless steel carabiner and a fixed web tool attachment loop. It has a retracted length of 127 cm (50”) and and extended length of 300 cm (118”). Both models are of an adequate length to attach to buckets.

For more information about the new Gear Keeper Tethers — or any of the companyʼs other innovative tethering products, the full line of Gear Keeper’s tool and instrument tethers, lanyards and accessories call
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When Selecting Tool Tethers, Shock Loads Are A Significant Concern For Worker Safety.
Three new Gear Keeper Super Coil™ tethering systems for anchoring tools up to 11 Kg.

Tethering heavy tools, generally over 5 Kg, is a significant safety concern.
A dropped 11 Kg tool that is tethered will have a shock load exceeding 150 Kg.
If tethered to a person, it is more than enough to dislodge the worker from his perch. The new, heavy-duty 2,5 cm (1”) Super Coil Anchored Tethering System is easily attached (anchored) to a fixed structure such as high-rise bucket or scaffolding. Anchoring the tether transfers the shock load produced by a dropped tool from the worker to the structure.

Designed for heavy tools and instruments up to 11 Kg, Hammerhead Industries, manufacturers of Gear Keeper industrial tool tethering systems, has announced three new 2,5 cm (1”) Super Coil anchored tool tethering systems.
Each of the new anchored tethers is intended for attachment to a fixed structure rather than to a person. Engineered to avoid or minimize entanglement, the three new 2,5 cm (1”) Super Coil Anchored Tethering Systems boast a short retracted length 104 cm.

Each of the Super Coil Tethering Systems provides an ample working radius for applications requiring tools like power drills, nail guns, power drivers and other heavier weight tools. The Super Coil’s inner coil system is fully enclosed in rugged nylon orange webbing that increases the tether’s overall strength and durability even under tough on-the-job conditions. The new Gear Keeper models are produced in high visibility orange color and feature a tag that shows the weight of the tool appropriate for the tether as well as traceability info such has date manufactured.

To suit a variety of tethering needs, the ‘Anchored’ tethers are available in three configurations. Options include a choice of drop lengths, and working area dimensions; Non-conductive stainless steel carbineers for tools with attachment points and a fixed loop attachment strap for tools that don’t – for example, when a large handled tool such as a chain saw needs tethering, the worker simply slip-knots the ‘fixed loop’ over the handle.
The model TL1-4025 is a flexible, low profile coil system that provides a 3 meter working radius for tools like power drills, nail guns, power drivers and other heavier weight tools.

For tools that have attachment points, the Model TL1-4021 (€ 46,99) has two stainless steel carabiners for attaching to the tool and the structure and provides a 3 meter working area; For tools that don’t have a suitable attachment point, the Model TL1-4025 (€ 42,99) with one stainless steel carabiner for attachment to the structure and a fixed loop for easy attachment to virtually any tool and also provides a 3 meter working area; For shorter drop lengths, the Model TL1-4026 (€ 39,99) with one stainless steel carabiner for attachment to the structure and a fixed loop for easy attachment to the tool; this model provides a 180 cm working area. The company offers bulk discounts for 50 or more units.

“All Gear Keeper tool tether ratings are load tested with up to a 100% safety margin, beyond the break point, to safely handle the shock load,” said John Salentine, VP of Hammerhead Industries. “Tool tethering is a site safety issue and safety starts with the proper mating of the tool, tether and application to ensure productivity and safety in the work environment.”